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COT 17/05

  1. 0 Hi! I just received word from my recruiter that I will be going to COT May 22, 2017. I just found out in Dec. that I was selected by the board. I'm going into the Air Force as a 46N3E (critical care nurse). Anyone going to be at COT then? Would love to connect! I will be stationed at Langley AFB afterwards!
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    Hello, I will be there with you. Looking forward to the new adventure. I will be at Wright-Patterson AFB.
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    Finally, I've been waiting a while for this thread to appear. I'll be in the Sam Houston COT in 5/22/17. Look forward to seeing you guys. Good Luck, please post any more info you find out. My recruiter hasn't told me anything else yet.
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    Any advice that you can give about selecting my base and things to be sure the recruiter does
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    Theres a Facebook group for May COT

    AF COT 17-04

    I will be at WP too