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I was an army medic rather than an navy corpsman but I challenged the LVN boards in California and passed first time no problem. For those who are interested in becoming an RN here is the... Read More

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    Been green side Corpsman at Pendleton for past 5 years - when not deployed worked out of SOI and 1st Mar Dev clinics (2-3 years).

    So how do I get past the 12 month ward time requirement for LVN challenge in CA??

    *** I doubt you can.

    Secondly, does anyone know any BSN school programs in CA (or elsewhere) that are particularly friendly to Corpsman as far as transfer credit, and speed of getting admitted (given that they are all impacted right now)? I have about 2.5 years of college credit going in, mostly general ed credit, not pre-nursing cedits, plus whatever undergrad credit they will give me for my Corpsman training.

    *** I don't know about Ca. I moved to Wisconsin cause the technical colleges system here are servicemens oppertunity colleges and I could get my ADN in two semesters after challenging the LVN boards in Ca. I liked it so much I stayed but my origional plan was to move back to my home state of Ca. Got my BSN in another couple semesters on my employers dime.

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