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Considering Reenlisting - Can't stay away...

  1. 0 Ok, Currently I am in an ADN program. I have been working on my prereqs and have been officially accepted for the 'actual' nursing program in fall of 2009. I waited because I wanted to finish all my prereqs for the ADN and some of the ones that will be needed for the later RN-MSN programs I am interested in.

    From 95-99 I was in the Army as a 98G (Cryptologic Linguist). Don't ask me why but for a couple of months, well more like 7 or 8, I have been considering reenlisting. I know I could finish my ADN program and then enter but has anyone here gone from 68W (Combat Medic) to RN in the Army.

    I am mainly looking for advice/impressions of the transition. Does it happen frequently or better yet, do they actively look for medics or what not to move on to the RN field?

    I am not so much worried about time commitments or how long it will take me to get to RN, just whether it would make more sense to wait until I complete my RN or rejoin and go that route. In either case I WILL be getting my degree. The main thing is I do not really care about the whole enlisted/officer issue and basic training, enlistment status and Iraq are not major issues either at this point.

    Anyone here have any experience becoming an RN while IN the Army? I am aware of the Green to Gold program but I would not be eligible as they have a statutory age limit of 31 which I will hit in 3 months.
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