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Hi Everyone, I will be graduating with a BS in Nursing this coming August. I am thinking about joining the military, but am unsure of which branch would be best. I'd like to get more... Read More

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    6. Very, very, VERY few nurses are ever KIA. (Maybe 1 in the past 50+ years)
    Since VIetNam over 36 Army Nurse Corps troops have been KIA (including Desert Storm, OIF and OEF) This number does not include the physicians, PA's, and Medics that have died, as well.
    During WWI one hundred and ten female Army troops were KIA
    During WWII greater than four hundred female Army troops were KIA (this includes several dozen ANC SMs)
    R.I.P. CPT Gussie Jones 2004 ANC
    R.I.P. CPT Maria Ortiz 2007 ANC
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    And let me add: RIP CPT Joshua McClimans, ANC, 22 April 2011.
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    I truly am sorry for the mis-information with regards to Nurse Corp Officers that were killed in the line of duty. It is a disservice to the soldiers the families that were not represented. I am sure there were many more medics than nurses KIA and also likely fewer PA's and MD's than RN's.
    However, I would also venture to guess that many more than 36 ANC Officers were killed stateside during that same time frame (the era since Vietnam) from other things such as car accidents, illness and disease, etc.
    My point was simply this: If you are going into the Armed Forces, the Army Nurse Corp is probably one of the "safest" specialties you can go into. (If there is such a thing as a safe place in a war zone.) From a wife's perspective, my husband ANC soldier is over there now and I worry every second, every minute, every hour, every day, every week, and every month he is gone. When I don't hear from him for a day or two or three, the hairs on my neck stand up, my pulse increases, my BP elevates, and I feel like I am holding my breath until I hear from him and know without a doubt he is safe. I think for every month he is away, I age a year. It's the way this type of lifestyle is.
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    hey nursie1280,

    just thought i would join in on your thread. I am looking into applying for the air force nurse selection board in september. i recently applied for the boards this past february but didnt get selected and my recruiter really thinks it was becaue i wasnt done with school yet. i will be done with my bsn in june and graduate in august. this past selection board only had about 20 slots but the one in september is the new fiscal year and will have about 170 for the medsurg position. i signed up for a 6 year committment wich is a $20-30,000 bonus and has a student loan repayment of up to $40,000. you can put your past loans on what ever you owe into that loan repayment option. what kind of nurse are you trying to go in for in doing in the military? i first looked into the navy too but the guy was kind of snotty and told me not to talk to him till i was 6 months away from graduating so that when i walked over to the air force and they have been nothing but extemely nice. make sure you talk to a health care recruiter that deals with specifically nursing or doctors or anything medical cause the regular recruiters wont know your situation and applying for direct commissioning is different than going in as an enlistee.
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    On a less serious note:

    Trust me, as a prior enlisted male, NO one has a problem finding someone while in the military. It may even benefit some, some people are far out of each other's leagues, but the military seems to even the playing field
    Have fun!
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    I am an CNA ...and thinking about joining the military too. But i am not quite sure what branch is the best for what i want to do. After my CNA i want to go for my LVN

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