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Hey All, I signed up for this site not as a nurse but as an Army Nurse hopeful. I started the enlistment process awhile ago and this past week was DQ'd for hx of depression by MEPS. The meps doctor... Read More

  1. by   baxgilter
    My tattoo is behind the earlobe. That really isn't the big issue though because I could always have it removed. It is the hx of depression. Thanks all for the comments and suggestions though.
  2. by   SF_RescueNinja
    You can try for the Army ROTC Nurse Corps Scholarship. I was a general scholarship cadet but wanted to do Nurse Corp. That's a totally different application because you have to be in a Nursing program, which I soon will be. Once you finish and get your RN, you will commission as an officer and wha-la! You are an Army Nurse. It's not easy though.

    Don't ever trust recruiters. Most of them have to make their numbers and since MEPS denied you and your waiver was denied, I say that you should prioritize your history of depression. That is no joke and being in the military as a nurse is a risk for depression.

    If you want to travel and help those in need as a nurse, you can also try to work as a civilian contract for military hospitals or join an international medical group that works under-served minorities and populations all over the world.

    Good luck!
  3. by   zombie
    The tatoos is one thing. But, I think the depression is an issue. Army has a high suicide rate right now. I don't see them accepting anyone with a history of depression. I am not saying that one leads to the other but it is something that they may see as a show stopper. Why take applicant A) with a hx of depression vs. B) an applicant that doesn't; So unless you got some crazy skill that no one else has (other than having cool tatoos) your chances of getting a waiver may be nil.

    Not trying to sound harsh... but i am just sayin.
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