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Hey everybody, I'm starting a thread here for those applying to the Army Nurse Corps in FY2013. I figure this might be a good place to get to know other future nurse corps officers and a place for... Read More

  1. by   brandonscott116
    Quote from kirb32
    ok I am confused at how you know where you are on the OML because my recruiter said thats not something they give out so i don't know hwere i am and aftere reading this site I have asked my recruiter several times if tthere is any information on this and she said that she did hear that they were gonna pull ppl off the list I am just confused how you found all your information out.
    My recruiter told me last week when I was pulled off the OML. If you aren't getting any info from your recruiter then I would suggest you email LTC *****. I was originally told by my recruiter that he did not know where I was on the OML. I contacted ****** and he updated me with where I was on the list and the NLT date that we were supposed to hear news. He would be your best bet if you still haven't heard anything.
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  2. by   vtrobinson
    Kirb32 - I would say that you need to move this up the chain ASAP. Report date is 28 Feb. Send me a PM if you need LTC W's email address.
  3. by   vtrobinson
    The USAGPAN OML list is out for those who were lucky enough to be pulled...I will be signing with the next 48 hours. I will be seeing some of you in San Antonio in less than a month!
  4. by   AjaxAndronicus
    Congrats to you usagpan OML folks!

    Has anyone heard about OML for 66h 8a m5 ?

    I was placed on OML on nov 21 and I'm hoping to come off it sometime soon. They gave me option for going RC, but I don't want to go reserves and hear about people being pulled from OML.

    Either way I'm ready to serve, would like to be full time Army if I can help it.

    Congrats again to you vt and the rest pulled from USAGPAN OML
  5. by   brandonscott116
    Quote from vtrobinson
    Kirb32 - I would say that you need to move this up the chain ASAP. Report date is 28 Feb. Send me a PM if you need LTC W's email address.
    They received my scroll today and I am scheduled to commission and sign tomorrow. I can't believe this is all real. So we do report 28 Feb? I thought BOLC didn't start until the middle of March? If that is true I am even more anxious since I have A LOT to do before then. Packing list, sell house, find a new house, pack, etc. Shew... these next few weeks are going to be a whirlwind but I am excited to be meeting some of you very soon down in SA.
  6. by   DaniRN421
    I got my Orders today! I will be going to BOLC on 28 Feb.
  7. by   lizzardmommy
    This board seems to bring me good luck! Whenever I post on here progress seems to follow so I shall post today in hopes that I too will get my orders soon. My recruiter now tells me that my pending test date for the CCRN exam mid February will not delay my orders and we had previously thought. Still, I have not gotten that blessed phone call yet to arrange things! I am on pins and needles wondering if I will need to be ready for BOLC in just a month or if I have many months yet to wait! Argh! I am so happy to see that many of you were pulled from the OML list! Who else is waiting to hear when they will attend BOLC yet?
  8. by   LauRiN
    I received my RFO yesterday!! Looks like I'm going to BOLC Feb.28th!
  9. by   lizzardmommy
    Just got my call and my orders! Feb 28 BOLC for me! See this board works! hehe
  10. by   DaniRN421
    Quote from HooahNurse0221
    Good afternoon everyone, So my wife is at BOLC and she has begun her classes. Please do not take this and not prepare but she told me that compared to Basic, BOLC is summercamp. Like all Army schools it is a hurry up and wait game but, the cool thing is she was offered for her first PT test to be the record for her class or she could take one at the end, so my advise is prepare and get it over with in the beginning. If you have any questions please ask and I will ask her and respond. Best wishes and again good luck to all.
    Has your wife mentioned anything about what the deal is with internet at BOLC? Pretty much do you know if it is supplied in all the rooms, or if we have to bring our own wireless cards?

  11. by   chudder
    Bldg 1384 (hotel) has free wifi with slightly spotty coverage
  12. by   Pixie.RN
    Both 592 (main lodging) and 1384 (affectionately called "the crackhouse") have free wifi. It's a bit spotty, as chudder mentioned, so my roommate actually got herself a mifi/hotspot thing through her cellular provider -- might be something to consider. It's not terrible, though -- I made it using the wifi. It gets a little bogged down because everyone is using it. There are also ethernet connections in the rooms, but ours didn't work.

    I'll be at Ft. Sam all next week! Too bad it's too early to greet you guys in person -- I'll be gone before you arrive.
  13. by   DaniRN421
    Since BOLC is less than a month away, my husband and I are trying to make travel plans. I think we are going to drive out to Texas, and than my husband is going to take a plane home. Does anyone know what we do on the first day (the report date)? Would I have enough free time, to check-in, and than drop my husband off at the airport on the 28th, or should we get his flight for the 27th?