Army Nurse Alternate Selection- Anyone?

  1. I'm not sure if there are many lurkers, like myself, searching daily to see if anyone has posted additional information about being selected into the Army Nurse Corps as an alternate. I recieved the letter, which really gave me a rollar coaster of emotions while I read it, on January 4th but it is dated December 14th. Anyway, I'm wondering how long have previous alternates waited before having been contacted to become active duty army nurses and off to BOLC. I understand it has to do with your position on the OML list as well. If anyone is or has gone through this any insight would be greatly appreciated. Not just by me, but others caught in the same situation.

    Hooah! And many congrats to those already in.
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  3. by   New1LT
    LatinBeba, below is a post from someone that was on the OML and getting ready to get BOLC orders. Sorry, don't know how to just redirect so I had to paste the whole thing. Anyway, hope you can get some information from this person. Good luck!

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    Hello everyone, like Mitch I am also new to allnurses but have been following this thread for a long time. I was put on the OML during the November Boards, but about a week and a half ago my recruited called me and told me I was selected for active duty,. then commisioned 2 days later... (WOOHOOOO!! ). I need to wait until October however to go to BOLC (prior obligations) but my recruiter said that shouldn't be a problem. I'm just writing to introduce myself to allnurses and I actually had the same question Mitch had.... when I should expect a call from HR for BOLC dates and assignment choices? I am excited for all of you guys leaving in March!!!!!!!!
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    ... it would depend on your OML number, then perhaps the trend of other lower OMLs being selected.. might be something you recruiter could share but probably just a lot of 'waiting'. I would try to find your OML number - that should be available. Then perhaps if you see people on here get activated you could PM and see their OML number to get a better perspective on the chance of being picked up.