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    How much do family nurse practioners get paid in the army?

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    Our pay is public record since it's public law. Here's the info:,00.html
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    Do NPs get paid more the nurses.
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    Hoover, you're a 16 year old kid and looking for future info, right?
    My advice to you
    1. Go to a local hospital and ask about volunteer opportunities at the hospital. It's a bit of work to do it. It'll look good as community service and give you access to help and meet nurses in different roles who may be really helpful in answering your questions and for you to see what nurses really do.
    2. Get involved with your high school's ROTC program. That will give you a bit of insight as to what the military is about.

    Good luck and watch your spelling (your words here are a first impression which does not reflect well). Don't blame the Iphone spell check. Poor spelling = laziness.
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    My husband is an Air Force JROTC instructor (15 years now) and that's the best advice I've heard too.
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    Using the "Search Bar" before posing a question also helps.

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