Army AECP FY 14

  1. Who all turned in a packet on here? Is there a way to verify our packets were received? If our packets are good, will the first time we hear from the coordinator be after the board? Does anyone from a prior FY know what makes a packet more competitive than another? Any info from anyone accepted in another FY would be great. Goodluck to anyone that applied!
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  3. by   ncox1
    I just finished the program and am reporting for Officer training tomorrow. I found out that I got excepted from another Soldier in my unit congratulating me. I was like "wait, how did you find out?". It comes out in a MILPER (think that's how it's spelled) message that your 1SG will look at.

    As far as received you should have a SFC POC at USREC that will be tracking it. Once submitted I called and they verified. After you will get an email if anything in the packet needs to be corrected.

    On the Soldier end I had no idea how competitive or who I was going against. To be honest I had a lot NOT going for me and I still got accepted so just submit anyway. I even got an extension and turned it in like 3 months late. Everything was still pending on mine (security clearance, classes, academic worksheet, acceptance letter from school) and I had an age waiver. The only going for me was my letters of recommendation and GPA (that was later destroyed during nursing school with almost straight B's...)

    There is an Facebook site that is for Soldiers in the same boat, check it out and a lot of people can give there 2 cents cause they are in the same boat. Hope this helps a little, if anything else you can PM me or go to the facebook site (I'm there too) and will get you squared away.

  4. by   KoKo2356
    Thanks for all your info ncox. I joined the facebook group. I turned in my packet on time. It's just the long waiting game now. We'll see how everything pans out. Good luck with your training!!
  5. by   KoKo2356
    Well, the board will start on the 27th of August. I got an email from the person in charge of my packet stating I am missing my labs from my physical and need to mail those in. I mailed those off today and now will be just waiting for the results to come out early September.