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Hi everyone, I just recently started the process to apply to be an Air Force nurse. I'm trying to complete my packet for the January 2013 (Feb 19-Board, Mar 08-Decision). Anyone else currently starting or in... Read More

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    Hey Carlily,

    I didn't know you could go from the ANG to active duty AF? Is it because you switched over to a CCU specialty and that is one of their needs? Let me know about that? If it's easier to get picked up by ANG and then switch over, well, that sounds like an option? Thanks so much.

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    Is this whole topic related to applying for active duty? I've been following this thread for a while and I eat up all the info! I am thinking about joining the Reserve later on in my career. I am close to Beale and Travis in Northern California.

    I'm sure by the questions I am asking, you can all tell I am super green to anything military related. No one in my family has ever served save for my fiancee's father who was a Marine.

    I found this website: Air Force Reserve: Benefits and it says,[COLOR=#000000] "Don't Move, When you join the Air Force Reserve, you can continue to live at home and serve, or you can move and serve in the city of your choice."

    I think my fiancee's only hang up with my joining is the possibility of moving around. When I did my preceptorship in the ER, I become friends with an Air Force Reserve nurse and I would love to do what she does. She can work at her civilian hospital yet still be able to serve her country.

    Would the above timeline be similar for Reservists? Are there less spots available for Reservists? Thanks for the info. Good luck to you all![/COLOR]
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    You can go active duty from guard, it's a process, but it can be done. Switching from ANG to Active isn't easier. I am a critical care nurse in the Guard as well, so that had no bearing. Getting into the Guard can be harder than active in the sense that there are not a lot of slots available so you have to wait quite a bit sometimes. Both are extremely competetive programs to get into, it's just a matter of life style I guess.
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    Quote from Mamakellyd
    Can you wife share what types of things are on the tests? Is it customs and courtesies type information?
    As with nursing schools, I can't imagine the Air Force would like people sharing information about test content. I can say that at the Army basic officer leadership course, we were given study guides and instruction. I'm sure all will be made clear. Best of luck!!
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    Lunah- Just to clarify- I was not looking for specific content of exams. I would never want that myself nor would I ever ask or expect anyone to divulge information such as that. From what I've read on the website for COTS the curriculum seems to be mostly based on learning the customs and courtesies, protocols, etc. So I was looking for generalities more than anything else.
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    Thanks for clarifying.
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    Quote from LunahRN
    Thanks for clarifying.
    You're welcome! I probably could have worded my question better. I have no military frame of reference other than uncles who served around the time of the Korean War, and things were certainly different for them! Everyone else I know is either Army Guard (enlisted) or active duty army (enlisted). With the couple of AF/ANG nurses I know I feel like I have already been such a time drain on them- and one of them is the Colonel and Commander of the unit that has a slot. She told me about it herself and is setting up a meet and greet with her CN for next week, so I'm trying to learn as much as I can about the process so I don't sound like a total idiot when we meet.
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    The publication of material the first test will be over is published on the COT inbound trainee website. The link the the manual the test will be on is

    Note to everyone attending COT you can learn a lot by visiting the COT website prior to arrival. Inbound COT Trainees There is also a bunch of pre-req courses you must complete prior to arrival. A link is on the site and how to complete these training modules.
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    Thanks! That is the website I've been reading on. It has answered a lot of questions for me- and prompted even more!
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    Results in a month...ugggghhhh.....

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