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Hi everyone, I just recently started the process to apply to be an Air Force nurse. I'm trying to complete my packet for the January 2013 (Feb 19-Board, Mar 08-Decision). Anyone else currently starting or in... Read More

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    ya know, I would say you have a huge advantage of getting selected since you are already in the ANG. I cannot see why they wouldnt want to select you since your already in the military, ya know what I mean? although, I have read stranger things on this site and hearing about people that have seemed like the perfect fit and didn't get selected. I think the biggest mystery is knowing what they look for. I would guess that it varies from day to day or at least that what it seems cause there have been people that have been non selects and have reapplied and reapplied and then got selected so who knows. I do wish you good luck on your progression with the AF. since your familiar with alot with the AF, i would think that your transition would go smoother than say-with someone like me who doesnt know a lick about being in the service. LOL.

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    Yeah, the islands are beautiful and there really is never a shortage of things to do. However, I've started to really miss the seasons changing and being able to go on roadtrips, etc. Definitely worth visiting here though, or better yet, getting stationed here! My husband was stationed in NC, Southern California, and Hawaii. He's had a great career in the Army but physically it's worn him down. The quality of life difference between the Army and Air Force has been apparent at his duty stations. Things like housing, gyms, and medical facilities have always appeared to be much nicer/better maintained on the AF side. He chose the Army based on his family legacy. The thing that really sold us on the AF came after talking to a few current and prior Airmen. They spoke so highly of the branch and how the AF really promotes education and technical skills. The nurse I spoke to really felt supported to advance her career, and you could tell how much she enjoyed her job. In general, it was just very inspiring. I think a part of me also wants my own identity in a military career if it all works out. The Army was my husbands thing, I want the AF to be mine
    What did it for you?

    Also, how is everyone preparing for PT? Right now, sit ups are my nemesis! I love doing crossfit, but we don't spend much time actually doing sit ups or push ups, they are just tied into other movements.
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    hey jilly,

    thats awesome!!! I have to agree with you on the AF. everythings just seems nicer as far as housing, stations, education etc. ya know, I cannot honestly say that joining the military has always been a dream of mine. I have always had an interest in it and thought it would be cool. now, I think that I have matured to a point where I am not afraid to take big chances and step out of my comfort zone. I have never been a shy girl but I have always been afraid of failing. after I had kids, at first I could never see myself moving away from my mom since she is such a big help in baby sitting for my husband and I but now I am just ready to get out of my shell a bit and explore the world if that makes sense. I had a very sheltered life and there is so much i wanna see and do and I feel that the military would provide that best for me and my family plus I am doing what I love at the same time which is nursing another thing too, is me and my husband have been through a lot and it almost seems like moving away and joining the military would almost be like a fresh start, ya know what I mean? I know it will all work out for all of us wether or not we get selected or not. I am just taking it as -if its meant to be it will happen. talk to you soon.
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    hey jilly,

    oh yeah, I forgot to mention PT. LOL. ya know, its so hard to plan and try to think what would be good enough for COT. I have always done a little bit of everything. I HATE running but I do it anyways (with my IPOD especially) cause doing so with music doesnt make it seems as bad. LOL. I do my push up and sit ups. cardio and weight lifting. I agree, sit ups suck big time. I am trying to get even better on those though. I just try to mix it up and try different things to always keep my body surprised and challenged.
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    Yeah being prior service is a toss up...I have seen it go both ways, so you just never know! I am no less anxious then you guys, even more so probably because my unit knows about it. How has the packet submission been? Have you guys had to fix anything?? In regards to PT, I have been doing crossfit, spinning and running, sick this week so no training at all for me! I am tall so the push ups are what kill me..HATE THEM :-) I agree that quality of life is great. My husband was active duty Army and the conditions are so different. Speaking with the CN gave me a great insight as to life as a full time Airmen, mother and wife is like. It was inspiring to see how successful women can be. Extremely motivating.
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    Since this thread seemso to be pretty active- I'm going to jump in! To introduce myself- I have been an RN for almost 23 years (which makes me 43). I am very seriously interested in joining the Air National Guard. I've thought about it off an on over the years, but finishing school, having kids, etc it just never seemed the right time. I reconnected with an army guard recruiter through my son, who just swore in yesterday. Hubby is on board with this and even told the recruiter he thinks I should have done this a long time ago. We own our own company and he works from home, so he is always here with the kids, so that takes away one worry of having to find childcare for the two who are still in grade school.

    I have a BSN and will be finishing up a MSN in May. The MSN in is in nursing eduation, and this semester I am doing my teaching practicum, and it turns out that my preceptor is a colonel in the ANG, and she is actually her unit commander. At her recommendation I have not yet talked with a recruiter, but we are planning a meet and greet with her unit and the nurse that I would report to if I were to join and be selected. I've been doing a fair amount of research, but I really can't find a lot about how it works when you are looking to get a slot in the ANG. I read the document that was attached in one of the first threads and it a great document but seems to be geared toward active duty. I also have found the link to the school at Maxwell. It sound like from what my preceptor has told me that I would first need to meet with her unit and see if they thought I'd be a good fit, and then I can decide if it looks like I want to go ahead and join. If they "want" me, then she would contact the appropriate person to begin the application process. I guess somewhere in there I would go to MEPS and if I pass that I would go before the board. She has advised me that it can take 6 to 9 months.

    So a few questions for you guys-

    What could I expect to happen at MEPS?

    What does a "clinical nurse" in the ANG actually do on a day to day basis?

    Has anyone been to the school at Maxwell- and if so do you go through COTS or ROTS?

    If you go through ROTS- what happens during that 2 weeks?

    If you are ANG do you have to meet the same PFT requirements?

    What is everyone else doing to get physically fit? (LOL!) I am such a couch potato, but my hubby says he knows I'm serious because I've started working on situps, pushups, and even ran this morning!

    I know this was a long post- but I am so grateful to anyone who reads and responds!
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    What could I expect to happen at MEPS?- Your basic physical with some duck walking haha Your recruiter will go over anything that may bring up questions at that time such as surgeries and what not.

    What does a "clinical nurse" in the ANG actually do on a day to day basis? It depends, you could be in charge of immunizations, physicals, infection control, some type of program manager. Depends on what kind of unit you support and what your wing mission is. But know that for the most part you will not be working at a hospital or anything like that. You most likely will be working in a clinic and oversea medics.

    Has anyone been to the school at Maxwell- and if so do you go through COTS or ROTS?

    If you go through ROTS- what happens during that 2 weeks? RCOT is only for Doc's and PA's at this time, so don't get your hopes up. You will most likely be heading to COT which is 4 weeks.

    If you are ANG do you have to meet the same PFT requirements? Yep you sure do! And you have to have a passing PT score to go to COT so make sure you are in shape!! You can look online and see what the requirements are for your age group.

    Good luck! I have loved my time in the guard! It's been a great experience and the networking is wonderful. I have met some of the best people. Hope this helps!!
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    Thanks Carlily! I guess what is so confusing is I am getting conflicting information on the training. I did see that the next RCOT is in April, and there are none others posted for this year after that. I have no expectation of getting everything together in time for a board decision before that. There is a COT scheduled in July that would work very well with my own schedule.

    We've talked about this over and over again and I guess as I'm winding down my MSN it seems like the time is right. One concern of my preceptor (the Colonel) and of another work colleague who is AF retired is that there is possibility given my 23 years experience as a nurse that I could be commissioned as a Lt. Colonel or higher, but without the benefit of really having learned protocols, etc. They both know nurses that this happened to and while the nurses are excellent members and excellent from a clinical standpoint that they can't really handle what you would expect a Lt. Col to handle. Do you have any thoughts on this? They both said that I wouldn't have any input- meaning I couldn't ask to be brought in at a lower rank to give me time to "acclimate" if the board decided to select me and commission higher.
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    When I joined I was told there was a possibility I would be able to go to RCOT, but they have tightened the reigns on who can go and who can't. They were really clear that only doc's and pa's at this time will be able to obtain a spot at RCOT. With that too, they only have like 2 RCOT dates a year. In our unit, which may be different from most it takes a few months after joining before going to COT so although it would be ideal to go as soon as you swear in be prepared to possibly wait. As far as rank, our more seasoned personnel have come in as Majors and shortly after they were familiar with the unit and sent to COT, they were promoted. Just how we do it, may be slightly different in other units. If you have any other questions feel free to ask, i'll try my best to help you :-)
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    Thanks! That does help clarify. It looked like there was a pretty good amount of PT in COT and even to pass the PFT I need to get in better shape. I can meet the minimum on everything except pushups, but being the type A personality I am I don't want to be barely passing on that.

    Your answer prompts another question- so it would be possible to be given a rank, swear in, and go ahead and drill in advance of going to COT? If I have to wait on COT that would be fine, but I would hate to join and do nothing until that time.

    Thanks again!

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