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Hi all! Just turned in my packet and finished my telephone interview for the boards in July. A little about myself; I am going into my senior year of a BSN program and will graduate in May 2014. ... Read More

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    I am surprised at the low numbers being taken. We seem to see a new batch of newbie nurses coming i all the time.

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    Quote from Yammar
    I am surprised at the low numbers being taken. We seem to see a new batch of newbie nurses coming i all the time.
    Where are you stationed, Yammar?
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    Just thought I should hop on this thread. I am also waiting to hear from the boards this month! I will be done Dec'13 with my second degree (BSN). 3.3 GPA, ex-military spouse. GOod luck to us all!
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    Good luck to you!! I'm ready for the results to be released! Last year, our discussion was pretty active on allnurses, but it's been pretty quiet this year! Hopefully we only have two weeks left of waiting!
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    It's funny because it's pretty much flown by. I'm glad I have kept busy this summer so I haven't been stressed about the results. Did you complete MEPS already?
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    I completed MEPS last year (physicals are good for two years) I'm a returning alternate from last yearand started as alternate number 18 and ended as alternate number 3 or close! I have been in contact with one other alternate who is also reapplying! I have hope to be a select this year now that I have graduated from my school. I heard the Air Force is not sending anyone to MEPS unless they have been selected...
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    My recruiter told me that this year you need to be selected, then you go off to meps. My recruiter is already contacting the board for me because I'm ANXIOUS. I graduated last year with a 3.78 GPA and after a year of missing a slot in a hospital by just a couple (more new grads with better experience) I decided to go this route now. I originally wanted to work for a year to go in as a FQ nurse. I'm surprised its so quiet on this thread too.
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    Hi! I've been following this thread for several weeks now...thought I'd add my two cents. I've also turned in my application for this July's Board and am waiting to hear the selection results. The Board should have met on July 31st; hopefully we'll all know their choices within the next couple weeks.

    I graduated with my BSN in May 2012 with a 3.2 GPA. I started my applicaiton process for the Air Force in October 2012 (just missed last year's cut off date). This is my first time applying to the Board. I'm applying the Med-Surg route. I already went to MEPS in February. The Air Force changed MEPS to being after selection within two weeks after I went to MEPS...physicals are good for two years though, so I'm ok. I've been working five months now as an RN with a Nursing and Rehab facility. I really hope I get in (as we all do)!! Good luck to us all!!
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    How is everyone doing with the wait part in the Air Force's unofficial motto of "hurry up and wait"? I know I'm so anxious to find out the results. We should all know one way or the other in about 2-3 weeks! Gah! Time moves so slowly when you're waiting on news. I feel like my whole future is hanging in the balance. Military nursing is something I want to do more than anything else!
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    It shouldn't be too much longer til we hear. Hope everyone is doing ok with the wait! Good luck to all!

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