Air Force NTP Boards July 2013 - page 3

Hi all! Just turned in my packet and finished my telephone interview for the boards in July. A little about myself; I am going into my senior year of a BSN program and will graduate in May 2014. ... Read More

  1. by   mestrela
    My recruiter told me that this year you need to be selected, then you go off to meps. My recruiter is already contacting the board for me because I'm ANXIOUS. I graduated last year with a 3.78 GPA and after a year of missing a slot in a hospital by just a couple (more new grads with better experience) I decided to go this route now. I originally wanted to work for a year to go in as a FQ nurse. I'm surprised its so quiet on this thread too.
  2. by   Servant~Leader
    Hi! I've been following this thread for several weeks now...thought I'd add my two cents. I've also turned in my application for this July's Board and am waiting to hear the selection results. The Board should have met on July 31st; hopefully we'll all know their choices within the next couple weeks.

    I graduated with my BSN in May 2012 with a 3.2 GPA. I started my applicaiton process for the Air Force in October 2012 (just missed last year's cut off date). This is my first time applying to the Board. I'm applying the Med-Surg route. I already went to MEPS in February. The Air Force changed MEPS to being after selection within two weeks after I went to MEPS...physicals are good for two years though, so I'm ok. I've been working five months now as an RN with a Nursing and Rehab facility. I really hope I get in (as we all do)!! Good luck to us all!!
  3. by   mestrela
    How is everyone doing with the wait part in the Air Force's unofficial motto of "hurry up and wait"? I know I'm so anxious to find out the results. We should all know one way or the other in about 2-3 weeks! Gah! Time moves so slowly when you're waiting on news. I feel like my whole future is hanging in the balance. Military nursing is something I want to do more than anything else!
  4. by   HBaum
    It shouldn't be too much longer til we hear. Hope everyone is doing ok with the wait! Good luck to all!
  5. by   Dreaming1007
    Just wondering if anyone heard anything from their recruiter about the board actually meeting? All these budget cuts within the government are making me nervous. My recruiter told me that one year all the selectees were wait listed until there was more money.
  6. by   nursinghopeful33
    I'm doing pretty well as far as the waiting game is concerned... this semester has been incredibly busy! I will keep you all posted!
  7. by   mestrela
    I talked to my recruiter today. Everyone *should* know the board's decision by the 23rd. Good luck everyone!
  8. by   nursinghopeful33
    I thought it would be sooner (my recruiter estimated the 15th a few weeks ago). No worries, waiting is part of the "fun"!
  9. by   Dreaming1007
    Yeah my recruiter said around the 17th but being prior service, I understand the "hurry up and wait". I emailed my recruiter just to ensure the board had in fact met. Did anyone choose January 13th as their COT date?
  10. by   mestrela
    I never got to choose a date... Is that option only for FQ nurses or for NTP as well? My recruiter also originally estimated the 15th but the board met a little later than anticipated I guess.
  11. by   manda691
    Im waiting as well for the NTP boards. I was originally told the 15th too and then my recruiter let me know that the results should be about two weeks from today. I was given the option to say how soon I would be available to leave for COT but didn't get to pick. Everyone who is selected will be told when they are going once they get their orders. Our 3 closest options are october 2013, january 2014, or march 2014.
  12. by   Dreaming1007
    I'm going the NTP route and my recruiter gave me two dates to choose from if I am selected. One was in October and and the other was January 13th.
  13. by   Nel20
    I am also waiting for the NTP boards. I am biting my nails down to the bone, waiting for the results. I turned in my application packet without asking about the COT dates. I just hope that I get selected. Good Luck everyone