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Hi all! Just turned in my packet and finished my telephone interview for the boards in July. A little about myself; I am going into my senior year of a BSN program and will graduate in May 2014. ... Read More

  1. by   SN2013
    Blackhawk, when do you graduate?
  2. by   Blackhawks
    Quote from SN2013
    Blackhawk, when do you graduate?
    May 10th, 2014
  3. by   mestrela
    I applied for OB because I want to work in high-risk L&D someday. Also, my recruiter told me that my chances of getting in are higher if I go the OB route. 300 is a huge amount if they are only bringing on 30. How is everyone doing on training for their PT (if they get in!)? I'm really struggling with the push-ups. I'm a weakling and can only do 8 right now (but that's up from a week ago when I could only do 5). I'm more of a runner and pilates/yoga type of exerciser. I keep making plans like I will get accepted because I'm deathly optimistic. Only 36-ish more days until we should all know!
  4. by   Stephaneph
    I applied for the July '13 boards as well. I am just finishing up a second degree BSN program (nursing is a second career for me). Mestrela, I've been working on push-ups too with the hopes of being accepted. What attracted you all to the Air Force?
  5. by   mestrela
    Stephaneph-what attracted me most was the career and education opportunities. Then I did some research and I really liked how family oriented the Air Force is. I also really like to help others and the AF allows me to do that. What about you?
  6. by   adgesmeraldiamond
    So... What dates is the board meeting? I didn't even bother to ask. I just knew in July with notification in August. I didn't bother asking my recruiter since I didn't want to obsess about it. But now I find myself wanting to obsess and not having any clear idea about when I may or may not hear back from him. I've been doing this for some time now... I just want to get in!
  7. by   Stephaneph
    Mestrela, I was attracted to the AF for many of the same reasons - education/training, focus on community and chance for adventure.
  8. by   Yammar
    I am surprised at the low numbers being taken. We seem to see a new batch of newbie nurses coming i all the time.
  9. by   SN2013
    Quote from Yammar
    I am surprised at the low numbers being taken. We seem to see a new batch of newbie nurses coming i all the time.
    Where are you stationed, Yammar?
  10. by   nursinghopeful33
    Just thought I should hop on this thread. I am also waiting to hear from the boards this month! I will be done Dec'13 with my second degree (BSN). 3.3 GPA, ex-military spouse. GOod luck to us all!
  11. by   SN2013
    Good luck to you!! I'm ready for the results to be released! Last year, our discussion was pretty active on allnurses, but it's been pretty quiet this year! Hopefully we only have two weeks left of waiting!
  12. by   nursinghopeful33
    It's funny because it's pretty much flown by. I'm glad I have kept busy this summer so I haven't been stressed about the results. Did you complete MEPS already?
  13. by   SN2013
    I completed MEPS last year (physicals are good for two years) I'm a returning alternate from last yearand started as alternate number 18 and ended as alternate number 3 or close! I have been in contact with one other alternate who is also reapplying! I have hope to be a select this year now that I have graduated from my school. I heard the Air Force is not sending anyone to MEPS unless they have been selected...