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Air Force NTP 2012 Board

  1. 0 Hi Everyone, I have been told that the packets for the next Air Force NTP board are due in June 2012....would I be able to complete a packet for that board if I graduate in Spring 2013? I know there aren't many slots, but I figured I would try if it is possible. Thanks for your help!
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    I've been told that you can start your packet, but you can not go to the board until you've graduated and passed NCLEx. I'm in the same predicament. I graduate next october.
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    Wow, that's really disappointing...have you started on your packet? When you say you graduate next October you mean October 2012 right?
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    right, I graduate October 2012. The experience thing worries me a bit, but I think I can swing it.
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    I worry about that too, but I guess all we can do is try...Good luck with it all whenever it is you get to apply!
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    thats a long time
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    There are less than 20 NTP positions available for FY12. Technically, you can submit an application as long as you are within 1 year of graduation by the time the board meets.

    I am not working BSN students for NTP. The reason is simple, they are not competitive at the moment. I target recent graduates with less than 1 year of clinical experience. Why? Faster return on investment. The hiring authority is looking for candidates to fill these slot fast. So, getting someone with some clinical experience that is ready to go now versus a student that must wait to graduate is a higher priority. This is the current climate, but it may change in the upcoming years.

    If NTP is not an option, get 1 year of full-time in-patient clinical experience and apply for the fully qualified board. I had 5 NTPs that were non-select, although each one of them was awesome...and all five are currently working and applying for the FQ board next year.

    Don't think of the current situation as a dead-end, its just a detour.

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    Hey Razorshark, would being prior and current enlisted be a plus?
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    Razorshark or anyone else....When does the fiscal year start? I've applied to the July 2012 NTP and anxious to hear the results this aug/sept. I have also heard that it is EXTREMELY competitive. A lot of different posts in other blogs about this subject and no one can pinpoint what the AF is really looking for and who will and will not be accepted.