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  1. I'm still waiting for the call from my recruiter regarding COT/stationing assignments. I have been patient enough and have not called her for more than two weeks. On Tuesday night, I got a text message from her saying that Wednesday was her last day at the recruiting office (as she's transferring to a different department). It's been two days later and still no word from her at all. SO NOW, I'M IN A BIND. I have also tried to call her supervisor a couple of times on different days, and so far, he hasn't picked up his phone. What should I do now? This just sucks! Ugh... I guess I'll go ahead and try calling my local recruiting office again tomorrow.

    FYI, I'm a new grad (May 2009) going into NTP.
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  3. by   LTACRN
    mt nurse:

    Your recruiter passes all your information off to the new recruiter coming into that office, so someone is working for you. If you haven't heard anything yet, it is because they have not considered your package. When they do consider your package they will let you know ASAP if you were or were not selected. The waiting and not knowing is the worst part.....Just breathe and try and relax.....the hard part is done, now the aggravating part begins.
  4. by   mt_nurse
    i actually received selection notice early december 2009. and just this morning, my recruiter finally called about my assigment info. =]
  5. by   LTACRN
    Great! Congrats!!! It always works out.