AECP Army FY 13 Candidate - page 4

I am currently an active duty soldier that is in the process of putting together my AECP packet which is due June 30. There isn't anyone in my unit or that I know that can relate or understand this... Read More

  1. by   enlisted RN
    ANYONE has an idea when this wait will be over...........Hurry up n wait lord have mercy . So many people at work ask me about the application, i tell them hopefully i will know the results soon,,some even think i know but not telling.
  2. by   Edu_ml
    Enlisted rn: i know what yiu mean, i am asked at least 2x a week and thats just my superiors, then there are those who want my position for when i leave . I really hope to see the milper message this week! Good luck to all!
  3. by   8yearmedic
    I am tracking the milper message for the IPAP as well, and this is what their program manager said on their facebook page:

    "Again, we apologize for the delay with the board results being released. We know this is causing anxiety for you and your family members and we apologize. It was not our intent to have the results delayed. Changes had to be made to the MILPER message and hopefully the MILPER message will be approved and then officially released. We do not have a new time frame for the release date but we are optomistic that they will be released before the end of the month. Thank you for your patience and again we apologize for the delay in the results being released."

    Think it may be an HRC thing, but we have to remember the FY13 guidelines said it may take up to 90 days after the board meets to release the list...

  4. by   Lntramel
    Wow!! I hope it is soon for us. I think I am going to stop checking HRC. I am in Europe so I always hope that by time I wake up something new has came out but no such luck. Best wishes everyone
  5. by   shmegan20
    This is the week! I feel it!
  6. by   8yearmedic
    LORD I HOPE YOU ARE RIGHT!!! Last time I had that feeling was the week of Aug 20th...... Hopefully soon this room will be filled with the chatter of a bunch of excited people who made the list! Good luck again everyone.
  7. by   Edu_ml
    I hope so too! have you all seen all those messages that have come out lately!? wow, my heart skips a beat just looking... only to be dissapointed later, but oh well! good luck!
  8. by   Lntramel
    My heart stops because majority are about AMEDD but none are dealing with the AECP. Hopefully they will crank out some more today.
  9. by   8yearmedic
    I tired to cut down on looking but when I saw so many came out, that where from AMEDD or said FY 13, it shot my looks back up over 10 a day probably... I try to hold out and look just before lunch and going home, nut I noticed around 1030 they tend to post in the am and no later than 1530 in the afternoon. WORST of all, I find myself opening and reading the messages hoping i was just to dumb to realize they actually were the MILPER I was looking for.
  10. by   8yearmedic
    I thought I would share one of the post I got from the IPAP's facebook page that I found interesting:

    "I fear we may not see it (MILPER) until right before 1 October, or shortly after. I have a sneaking suspicion that this has a lot more to do with the outlook for the FY13 budget than spelling and grammar corrections on the MILPER, as I had originally fantasized. Unfortunately, I start on the long Afghanistan-bound journey tomorrow...*sigh*"

    Did anyone else consider budget constraints for the delay?
  11. by   Edu_ml
    I would most certainly hope that the army would not cut on these programs- health care prof. are not making lines to join the service, in addition there are more than a few that retire or simply ETS- thus I would doubt that "higher" would mess with its one somewhat liable way to increase important assets. Good luck to all!
  12. by   8yearmedic
  13. by   8yearmedic
    I am inclined to agree with you. I have seen multiple stories, news articles, etc that talk about a nursing shortage over the next ten years. So, if it does have anything to do with the budget, it would more than likely be along the lines of waiting for the budget to be lain out. But who really knows these things. Just hope shmegan20 is right lol.