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I am currently an active duty soldier that is in the process of putting together my AECP packet which is due June 30. There isn't anyone in my unit or that I know that can relate or understand this process. I am looking for... Read More

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    I was accepted fy12 and do not come from a medical background. 8yearmedic is right focus on those chem course and get those unconditional letters. I ended up taking an extra chem (organic)and math (precalc)because different schools wanted different prerequisites. @ 8yearmedic where do you plan on going when you are accepted?

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    I am trying to go to UNC Pembroke and they require 2 chem courses. Kind of sucks but it is close to home so I can deal with it. Right now I have a conditional letter of acceptance. Thanks for your comments
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    First congratulations on being selected! So did you start school at the beginning of the year or just recently? I’m trying not to put the horse before the cart here, but thanks for thinking I'll get accepted! How difficult was the post board packet compare to the pre-board? To answer your question, I got a conditional letter of acceptance to a school in Kansas, but I am preparing to submit to California State Universities as well in case they say I need to pick a different school.
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    Congratulations on getting your CLA to UNC Pembroke! From what I hear, that is a pretty great school! I am starting to get a bit antsy myself... I check the milper messages twice a day now, and I've been avoiding looking. A watched pot never boils afterall... Several people have asked me when do I find out about my packet, to which I reply, hopefully by the end of next week. My friend applied to the IPAP and turned in her packet 1 march; she still hasn't heard anything. Hopefully the wait will not be as painful for us!
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    Thanks. I like to put out positive energy whenever I can. I am starting my program Aug.27 at the University of Maryland. I applied to schools in Colorado and VA, and was three for three, so it made things a lot less stressful. The post board packet was much easier to put together. The most difficult thing I found in pre and post was tracking people down for signatures. I am lucky that I made it in under the FY12 guidelines. I saw they changed time in service to 10 years or less at time of commissioning. I will be starting school with 13 years of service and will probably pick up my 2lt between 15 and 16 years. It's all in the timing.
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    Hello my name Crystal ,I am an active duty soldier I was wondering if you can give me some pointers on were I can start on my package, I really need some guidance thank you.
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    Congrats on your acceptance, I am trying to apply for 2014 but am getting everthing ready.Can you give me some pointers on where to begin in regards to the packet.Thanks
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    LOL..... I thought I was the only one who checked the MILPER messages religously. I am hoping the wait is not that long either.... It is relieving to hear that other people are feeling the same as I am about this selection board.
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    [color=#000000][color=#000000]the biggest thing i would suggest that you can do right nowis look at various schools and see what their pre-reqs are and make sure yourcredits transfer. if you can get anunconditional letter of acceptance to a qualifying college to put in yourpre-board packet, i think that would go a long way. the fy13 required that you be with 9 credithours of be fully accepted. i'm notsure, but with budgetary cutbacks, you will want to be as competitive aspossible. i would also suggest going toacs and do community service, preferably at the mtf, and get your volunteerservice medal. other than that, you willhave to wait for the fy14 guidelines to come out to see the changes. if you read the conversation above withdccubano, you can see the guidelines became tougher this year.
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    someone knows if the fy13 results are out yet? im wondering if am checking the wrong site for milper messages. pls help thanks.

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