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I am currently an active duty soldier that is in the process of putting together my AECP packet which is due June 30. There isn't anyone in my unit or that I know that can relate or understand this... Read More

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    Congrats on your acceptance, I am trying to apply for 2014 but am getting everthing ready.Can you give me some pointers on where to begin in regards to the packet.Thanks
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    LOL..... I thought I was the only one who checked the MILPER messages religously. I am hoping the wait is not that long either.... It is relieving to hear that other people are feeling the same as I am about this selection board.
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    [color=#000000][color=#000000]the biggest thing i would suggest that you can do right nowis look at various schools and see what their pre-reqs are and make sure yourcredits transfer. if you can get anunconditional letter of acceptance to a qualifying college to put in yourpre-board packet, i think that would go a long way. the fy13 required that you be with 9 credithours of be fully accepted. i'm notsure, but with budgetary cutbacks, you will want to be as competitive aspossible. i would also suggest going toacs and do community service, preferably at the mtf, and get your volunteerservice medal. other than that, you willhave to wait for the fy14 guidelines to come out to see the changes. if you read the conversation above withdccubano, you can see the guidelines became tougher this year.
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    someone knows if the fy13 results are out yet? im wondering if am checking the wrong site for milper messages. pls help thanks.
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    I am also glad to see that I am not the only person who is constantly refreshing, and patiently awaiting the board results... Good luck to everyone, I am so excited/nervous to find out!
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    you are not! I think I am doing the same!
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    I just want to know how most people found out about the program? I found out from an ROTC officer
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    I found out from my 1SG at my first duty station... literally I have met maybe 5 people total that even know what it is.... they either think it is IPAP or Green to Gold... how did you hear?
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    I found out through a coworker who was thinking about doing the PA program. I wonder what is taking so long with posting the results.
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    Yea, most people think its gree to gold- i had to pull in lots of resources to get memos and other reqs. I also had to put lots of time to get my classes that i was missing- i am a line medic and training dont stop cause of school. But anyway like i said, an ROTC officer hooked me up with the info. There was also an email i received for a brief regarding the different options out there like ipap but i was a efmb so i dont know how it was or what other programs they talked anout.The program manage and a mr ward were very helpful also in answering my questions. I wonderhow many people applied this year - and also why is it taking this long! Good luck to all!
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    I am pretty sure the fact we all keep checking it is why it’s taking so long…. I myself am getting of checking it 3-5 times a day! …Speaking of which, I better check it again…

    It’s been horrible since not a single message has come out since Thursday.
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    What do you search on the hrc site? I just put aecp... Well and then i spell it out too lol. All i come with of course is the old one. And i agree maybe we should all stop 2 days hahaha
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    @Edu_ml when you go to the HRC website when you scroll down in the middle of the home page is a MILPER link. You have to be logged in via AKO or you can use your CAC to veiw the latest messages. Like somebody stated earlier they have not had a new message since the 23rd.