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I currently have 8 years as a licensed RN with an Associates Degree. I am currently working on my BSN. I was thinking about joining the Air Force after I complete my BSN. Will the Air Force count my 8 years as a RN towards... Read More

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    @ SENSUALBLISSINFL I believe the cut off age is 42. I've heard that even for about 42 they ask a waiver to be submitted at that age. At this time everybody seems to say they are being very selective and turning people away for very small things like a previous broken arm. Although contact your healthcare recruiter and they'll tell you a definite answer, good luck!

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    Besides the BSN are there any other requirements? What is the age limit? Do they tell you where you will be sent ahead of time to prepare?

    I happened to stumbled on this forum. I just got my license for ADN RN...will get my BSN hopefully sometimes in 2014, but I am also older (48), that will make me 50 or close to 51. Not sure if it is for me, but we are told to keep options open.
    A waiver is possible but with the drawn down it might not happen since there is more applicants then positions. But as the say going the answer is always no if you do not ask. With that being said contact a healthcare recruiter to find out exactly what the answer/chances are for you. Also, remember things will change by the time you get your BSN, just do not know which way so contact them again when you are close to graduating.
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    Thank you for your replies.

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