9 Dimensions of Nursing?

  1. I have to write my yealy proficiency and am totally lost. CAn anyone out ther given me some examples of what they have used. I have been at the VA for 18 months but nursung for yrs. I never had to do this and it is so abstract.


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  3. by   athena55
    Hello GeriB!
    Sorry I am getting back to you so late. Just got back from Fort McCoy.
    Okay, the nine Dimensions of Nursing, according to the VA are:
    Practice, Quality of Care, Performance, Education/Career Development, Collegiabilty, Ethics, Collaboration, Research, Resource Utilization.
    Check out this website for more information: http://www1.va.gov/nursing/docs/finalnqs.pdf (check out page #9)
    I hope this helps and I hope it not too little, too late as the expression goes.
    Bye for now,
  4. by   lezanne
    I don't have the information handy right now. Your nurse manager should be giving you all the information and also help you with your proficiency including giving you different examples to use.
    Also keep a file for yourself & put in the file anything you think was outstanding in you proformance for the following year
  5. by   turtletyme
    I just got hired with the VA. I have 7 months of RN experience. I am not quite sure how to plug in my on the job training into the nine dimensions. If this is the scale they use for my pay, I need some examples so that I don't undersell myself. I do have lots of CNA experience, would that count?