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I have posted before about looking into the Army Reserves and am almost finished with my application. Today my recruiter told me that he would process me as a Med/Surg nurse. I explained to him that I have never set foot on a... Read More

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    Trauma nurse who works in the ED and ICU. A med/surg nurse is a 66H, Perioperative nurse 66E, etc.

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    I have heard talk of a few new AOCs... possible 66T and 66I... trauma and critical care. I don't think any final decisions have been made. LPNs are getting their own MOS again, though... 68C
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    Last I heard from Branch during a visit, they were leaning toward keeping the M5 and 8A identifiers, so the AOCs would be 66TM5 and 66T8A, not just 66T (combined). However, that was in March, and they were still debating it. Had not heard of 66I. Interesting developments.

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