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101 Things I Wish I'd Known Before BOLC... - page 3

Not sure how many things I'll actually come up with, and these are things I wish I'd known, or that other people probably wish they'd known that I actually did know, and I turned out to be right... ... Read More

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    Great stuff as usual!
    Lots of that info transfers to AF peeps too.
    I'm glad you have the time to write all this, knowing where you're at and all!
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    Thanks again for the good information. I am just getting more confused the longer I look into all of the "in's and outs". I feel like I do not have a good idea of what my life will be like once CRNA school is over. Has something changed in terms of BOLC length since you went through? What is Nurse Track? How is it possible to be promoted to Captain after graduation but attend the Captains course later? That seems so strange and I feel like I would be walking around like a big dummy! I have so much respect for enlisted people.. going to college seems way easier Do you have any information about what a CRNA work day is like in the Army? So to make sure I have this correct... BOLC 6 weeks, Nurse Track 3 weeks? Then Captains course 3 weeks? Maybe not consecutively but time none the less.
    Thanks again. VERY much appreciated!!
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    No, BOLC is something like 9 weeks, nurse track is 2. Not sure how many weeks Captains Career Course is (2 or 3?), but you have to do that at some point while you're a Captain, before Major.

    The CRNAs I know typically work in the OR, doing cases. I am currently deployed to Afghanistan with three CRNAs, and that is what they do.

    If you look at the rest of my Army articles, I have written more about BOLC.
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    A bit late for this post, however, I'm looking for as much information as I can get...
    I ask because I did 3 years of Army ROTC at my university and sadly had to drop due to medical school (or plans to go that they wouldn't allow), then switched BACK to nursing with plans to direct commission instead of going ROTC route.... I KNOW, i'm a DISASTER. I was sent through Army Airborne school last summer (2013), so I know the training environment, etc, I did ROTC, like I said, for 3 years. (STX lanes, PLT/SQD leadership... the list goes on).

    NOW I am a second semester Jr. at the same university (first semester out of ROTC), and plan on graduating with a BIO degree and Spanish Minor... THEN going elsewhere to for an ABSN or second degree nursing degree before direct commissioning....

    1. Were you an ROTC grad? Civilian?
    2. How long was BOLC?
    3. What happens after BOLC?
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    You're not a mess, just a fine example of how life can throw us curveballs and we react accordingly.

    1. Civilian, direct commission

    2. I think it's 11 weeks, 9 for common core and 2 for nurse track. Something like that.

    3. I went back home to Virginia for a few days, then reported to my first duty station (Georgia). Usually the orders for direct commissions were "TDY en route," so you go TDY to Ft. Sam for BOLC en route to your first duty station. You'll do a leave form (DA 31) while at BOLC that covers you from BOLC to your first duty station so you can take some days if you need them.

    BOLC info: http://www.cs.amedd.army.mil/bolc/
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    Does this information also generally apply to medical students? I'm trying to find info on BOLC and yours is the best I've found so far!
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    Quote from zdmcrae
    Does this information also generally apply to medical students? I'm trying to find info on BOLC and yours is the best I've found so far!
    Med students? Not sure, but we had physicians, PAs, dentists, pharmacists, etc. in our BOLC class. The difference is after graduation from the first phase of BOLC - you would have an AOC-specific track. Nurse track was two weeks. Glad you found the info helpful!
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    I will be attending BOLC in July or August (still waiting for my orders), and was just wondering how strict are the staff regarding boots? I only have the Nike SFBs (two pairs). The boots that my school issued me 4+ years ago were two-sizes too big and decided to toss them after countless blisters during my first year in ROTC.

    I've heard mixed reviews from friends who previously attended BOLC. One said she wore her Rocky's the whole time and never had a problem. Another said everyone was too scared to wear unauthorized boots until the very end, but that no one ever really got in trouble for it.

    New boots can be pricey and take a while to break in so I'd like to know if I can avoid this. Thank you!
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    Quote from ED3.14
    New boots can be pricey and take a while to break in so I'd like to know if I can avoid this. Thank you!
    Do yourself a favor and start off right - get yourself some authorized boots. As an officer you are a leader, so set a good example. There are new Nike boots that meet regulation specs, and they don't really have a break-in time. Good luck!
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    Didn't know they came out with new ones! Looks like I'll be getting those then. Thank you for the help.
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