*New 2018* Things I Wish I Knew Before BOLC

  1. This is in response to some confusion about AMEDD BOLC and Pixie RN's article written in 2011. I hope to carry the torch and help some future Army Nurses. I'm not going to repeat the great information she provided. See her article here. Please keep in mind, even though I went to BOLC in January 2018, things change.

    1. Please see the AMEDD BOLC website U.S. Army Medical Department Center & School Portal .

    2. You should have a welcome letter. If you were previously a cadet and no longer have CAC access because of an expired card or can't access your military email account please contact Major Lindsay @ tanesha.d.lindsay.mil@mail.mil.

    3. Take your PT score seriously. We needed a 90 in EACH APFT category to request a pass. There will possibly be three day weekends. Consider doing well. Only the highest scorers will be allowed into the Level I Combatives certification course.

    3. We wore berets at graduation, not service caps, start fixing your beret now. They have pre-shaped/shaven ones at Kim's near Ft. Sam. Don't wait until the last minute because the uniform inspection is taken seriously.

    4. Some frowned on wearing ACUs in garrison, they were more acceptable in the field. If you are short on money, don't go broke buying OCPs.

    7. Day and night land navigation is done in pairs and it's a self-correcting course however, great people still failed. It can still be challenging. Those who failed were told there would be negative consequences if they didn't pass the second time.

    8. You won't have a roommate in garrison so it's important to make sure you wake yourself up, don't just rely on your phone.

    9. If you have access, try to get the mandatory online training done before BOLC. List of online trainings are on the AMEDD BOLC link and in the welcome letter.

    10. BLS is retaken during BOLC for free. If you are near expiration after graduating college, don't worry about it, we do it during nurse track.
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