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Anyone do this? I just got my LPN license this month and there is a position open for 10 pm to 6 am in a LTC facility. I am normally pretty much a night owl anyway, usually stay up till 4 am anyway. But what I would like to know... Read More

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    I work 7pm-7am Baylor weekends at my work. Depending on the residents is what decides your nights.

    The ones with dementia tend to wander and sometimes fall which leaves about 3 hrs of paperwork to fill out.

    On a normal night I print out new orders for the MAR computer backup book, any physicians orders that need signatures gets printed and put in the chart. I do treatments, meds, PRN narcs, rounds, charting on different patients, write the unit alert list each night, restock the med room, pick up other shifts messes at the nurses stations, sometimes call drs and families, etc etc. I look forward to 5am med pass..I know a good chunk of time will pass quickly then. (Usually 45-90 minutes for me to pass meds to 32 patients, depending on which unit I am on.)

    I have 3 kids at home ages 4 yrs to 12 yrs and one on the way.(Am 35 wks pregnant.) The only day I have to worry about a babysitter is on Monday mornings when my other half works. The 4 yr old goes to day care on that day. You may see if you can work a baylor shift. Generally you work 24 hrs and get paid for 40. That is if you don't mind working weekends.

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    I worked graveyard shift at a LTC facility for 7 years and I am a cna . Usually it would be myself and the LVn and one other aide. We had 2 hour rounds to make residents that would be up and about during the night because they would like the quiet time. The nurse answered lights , helped out with rounds, did the morning glucose checks , prn meds at night, weekly summaries, medicare charting ect. there was never a dull moment then. was in charge of the whole floor for the night at times.
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    I've worked noc shift as a CNA for 5yrs and now as an LPN for 2yrs and I have 18 LTC vent pts with 1 RT and believe me with 18 IVs, and 18 tube feedings to watch I barely take a break. And of course all of my wonderful co-workers think that we just sit around with our feet up at night eating bon bons and so they leave everything for us. None of my pts sleep at night, well except the comatose ones, and they also think that you're not doing anything and they are bored and so they are like, "Um, yeah, I think I need a nurse, um, well, will you adjust my blanket?" I love my pts dearly but come on! Oh yeah, and then the tx nurse also thinks that you sit around and eat bon bons and so she puts all skin assessments and IV dsg changes and major wound care on noc shift. I've worked noc shift long enough and I work agency from time to time also to know that it's the same everywhere. AND you are the only licensed staff becides the RT and so it's all on you to catch things and you really don't have anyone to bounce ideas off of PLUS, you have to babysit the aides unless you are blessed enough to get good ones because I've found that about half of them work noc shift because they think that they can catch a nap here and there. Not while I'm charge, If I have to stay awake so does everyone. I really love my job, but I just wish that the people passing judgement would work it from time to time before they open their mouth. :selfbonk: :smiley_ab I hope that you have a good experience, I really have. Good luck to you!
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    working the night shift- i have worked 11pm-730am for the past 17 years. i can tell you that it is anything but boring. there are usually plenty of meds to be given, treatments to be done and let's not forget the charting involved. generally staffing ratios are less at night which means that a lot of my time is spent helping out on the floor, answering call lights, emptying bed pans etc. also in general the elderly require less sleep and many of them do not sleep for long periods at night. believe me you won't get bored! b
    Quote from april_lpn
    anyone do this? i just got my lpn license this month and there is a position open for 10 pm to 6 am in a ltc facility. i am normally pretty much a night owl anyway, usually stay up till 4 am anyway. but what i would like to know is, what do you do all night? if the residents are asleep, are there meds to pass? is it so boring i will want to fall asleep??
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    Re: Working night shift with kids- That's the main reason why I started working night shift 17 years ago. I wanted to be able to spend more time with my children. As a result if my child was sick, I was able to be home all day, schedule Drs. visits etc. Class field trips and activities I was able to join in with my child. Summertime, school vacations and holidays I was able to to enjoy it with my family. The downside; I have learned to sleep in naps, which is probably not a healthy thing. But the night shift has allowed me to spend more quality time with my family and earn an income at the same time.
    Quote from April_LPN
    What about doing the night shift while you have kids? I have a 4 year old at home. Starting school next year.
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    Ok April. So what happened? Did you go ahead and apply for the night shift job? Please let us know what you decided to do. Thanks
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    Well I ended up finding a job a little bit closer to home, and it is 2:15-10:45, so I applied for that. Pretty much got interviewed on the spot so I am just waiting for them to check background and references etc.

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