What is the starting salary for nursing home LPN/LVMs?

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    Please tell me the starting wage/salary/pay for nursing home LPN/LVNs? Thank you for your help.

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    The starting wage is very dependent upon the city and state in which the LPN/LVN is located. For example, the LPN in rural Mississippi might be earning less than $14 hourly due to the low regional cost of living there, but the LVN in San Francisco might be earning $28 hourly due to the very high cost of living.
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    In SW Ohio starting pay is typically $15-17.
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    upstate ny 17-20$ /hr
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    Southern Arizona is about $16-ish
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    I live in Ohio and my starting pay as a new LPN was $19.41/hr...that is including my shift diff
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    Thank you to all who responded to my question. i appeciate your help.
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    20-23 in Chicago without differentials.
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    19 an hour as a new grad working 6a-6p in Arkansas
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    What part of Ohio do they pay $18.00 (+) diffcause my friend is a lpn and she stated that to me and my wife that the starting pay for an LPN in ohio is $15 hr and I'm about to finish my last prerequisite then to come found out that will be my hourly salary. ill be entering the program next fall and I wouldn't like to find out that after all that work that's all I'll be worth per hr instead of $18.00 per hr I'm located in Lorain, Ohio and attend LCCC...thanks a lot

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