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I haven't worked in LTC for awhile. I have heard that some LTC's now have patients with trachs and vents. Is this true? How many trach and or vent patients do you usually have? Thanks.... Read More

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    My facility is SNF plus one hall of ALF, and we do not have any trachs or vents atm. We do accept trachs but no vents. I personally feel very comfortable with trachs as one of my longest clinical experiences was on a Neuro-surg floor where about 80% of pt's had a closed system trach. After that clinical experience I could suction a trach, provide trach care and replace a disposable canula without a wince.
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    Thanks to all for your comments. I appreciate your help.
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    Yep..we get a good bit of trach patients. No vents. Correct me if I'm wrong, but with the vents you need resp therapists in house?
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    I say it depends on the facility. Ours, we have a unit solely dedicated to vents- they can be new vents or those who have been on it for years. In that unit we can take 30 people.

    Then trachs can go anywhere so we can have however many trached people as long as they are vent free. We have some that are on just oxygen through the trach or some that just are capped.
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