Surveyor: The First Week - page 3

I really had no idea what I was getting into. I thought I knew pretty well what state surveyors did from being on the receiving end of entrance conferences, interrogations, citations, and exit... Read More

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    Congratulations .. Good luck thank you for sharing it
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    That's great, Viva! I am looking forward to your updates!
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    I am a new nurse on a med surg floor and I'm miserable. I Iove my patients and most of my colleagues but I find myself running around crazy and the hospital keeps piling on more work and the charting is insane. I feel I have no control of my own practice. I suppose this is what its like in hospitals in general. I'm disappointed. I always planned to go into a nursing specialty that includes a leadership role and involvement in helping community and patients to have their healthcare needs met. Has a anyone moved from floor nursing to a surveyor for The Health and Human Services in TX. My current job pays 23.50 and I feel that I dont want to leave this job unless the surveyor job Im interviewing for is worth my while financially and mentally. Thank you

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