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Some Suggestions for Tomorrow?

  1. 0 Hi!I am going for a LTC interview tomorrow and I was wondering if I could pick your brains about the type of questions you recieved when interview for your LTC position?For some background information, I am a new RN grad taking my test June 18th. I have background in caring for the elderly population, but it was as a home health aide for a little over a year. I am also wondering if you think there are any specific nursing quesionts I should ask r/t LTC for them? I know nurse-to-patient ratios is important. What else do you think is significant to ask?Thanks in advance for helping a newbie!
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    How much orientation do they provide a new grad? If it's anything less than 6 weeks, I would negotiate that or walk. LTC can be very overwhelming for any Nurse especially an new grad.
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    Yay for you! I start on the 18th (pending NCLEX 6/11). My clinical instructor form 1st semester is DON at a LTC/rehab. I am worried about the schedule; what the day looks like. I know how it works on a med/surg floor and a 12 hour shift. I will be working 3-11 and have no idea what my day will look like. I know they will give me as much time as I need to learn the "ropes"
    I did home health for 2 years during school. It helps.
    Good luck!!!
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    Thanks for the tips!
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    So, I think I had a very good interview! It was much different from the hospital interview I did. At the hospital they asked me all sorts of behavioral questions and it was with 2 nurse managers, and pretty intense.This was with the director of nursing, and it was very laid back. She asked me what kind of work hours I was looking for, and told me that the midnight shift I would be the charge nurse for 2 halls o_o at about 40 patients....yikes!But, she did have a part time days shift which sounded perhaps a little less scary. It's a pretty small facility, and the outside of the building looks pretty old, but once you get in, it's a bit nicer. I got a tour of the unit and the staff seemed very friendly, and I learned you can get health benefits with part time.She said she'll send my info to HR and will either call me, or I can call her after my test!