Respiratory MRSA

  1. 0 I would like to know what is the usual protocol for a pt c respiratory mrsa and their dinnerware? Is there a special way the tray has to be taken out of the room after they have eaten? Are they suppose to use disposable dinnerware?
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    Am directing you to check your Infection Control Policy & Procedure Manual. What's their routine??? You'll need to start using this reference when you need to collect cultures, have blood spills, needle sticks, dog bites, etc. I know many ask this site for quick answers, but familiarizing yourself with your resources will be your starting point for help on those odd times when you won't have anyone nearby to question. And most importantly, there may be differences depending on each facility's P&P. I say this from very recent experience as my past practice in obtaining MRSA screenings DIFFERED from the facility where I just had my surgical PAT done.

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