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    I'd do the same thing. Document why you don't think he can safely self administer and write a behavior care plan that includes his threatening behaviors. Don't you love it when people who 2 weeks ago were living in their car threaten to call the state because they don't like the water? They are all too entitled if you ask me.

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    Absolutely. Document his behaviors and history. Care Plan it. And tell him to be happy and free and call the state about anything his heart desires. You are doing the right thing and no fault can be found with that. As with this other "issues" that he feels he needs to report you for...saying and proving are two different things.
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    In response to self medication administration, if you read CMS resident's rights, etc. self med administration is a choice that is to be offered to each resident. We used to do quarterly questionaires on our residents asking does resident request to take their own medications or are they appropriate and than depending on the response than a self med administration check list was done to see if resident would be safe to do this. We could look at cognitive deficits, visual deficits, etc. anything that may interfere with safe self med administration. If a resident's response was yes that is as well as other areas to assess. My old D.O.N. did away with these which I felt was a stupid mistake but who am I? lol...I am waiting for it to creep back up with state and by the sounds of this social worker it obviously was a policy at another facility or she has been to a recent 2.0/3.0 workshop. Let us know how your facility handles this.

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