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...... that's all I want to know. I work my butt off at my job, I have 54 residents to watch over, I try to do my best job 99 percent of the time at least... I really do try very hard to get my... Read More

  1. by   NamasteNurse
    LTC seems to be a hotbed for 'getting in trouble' over the little things yet they ignore the big problems, like staffing ratios and lack of supplies. I can't seem to grasp that mentality nor do I have the CYA thing working for me. I am however learning to do that as I have been written up for the the most trivial things, (like giving a res ensure w/o a doctors order!) It's not easy.
  2. by   qestout
    LTC...where you are trained for a couple of days and off on your own. Whattya mean, there's a problem ? Oh, the DON thinks you should be ready for every situation when you're a new nurse? They CTA on you. Take your time and pass on what you don't get done because you usually can't be thorough with charting r/t census.
  3. by   Babynurse2013
    I feel the exact same way. I'm actually waiting to go into work now and am almost in tears because so much happened last night (Falls, Res:Res altercations etc) that I know something is going to be an issue. I feel like I can't walk in the door without there being some kind of issue or problem from the night before... from admin or other nurses. E.G, "There was a cup on the floor in soandsos room!" (Seriously, that's been on ongoing "problem" with one of my nurses I report with... as if I can somehow know the dude threw a cup on the floor after I walked out the door)

    But to answer your question, My ADON gave me some good advice on a resident who said her "stomach hurt" but had no presentation of pain on palpation , bowel sounds active, normal BMs, and could not give any description of the actual pain. The ADON said, about any issue or concern, "Call the doctor and at least let him know what's going on. Document you did a good assessment and put her on acute charting and whatever else he wants. Always put it back on the doctor's orders to make sure your license stays safe"

    So I do. And he usually sounds super confused and just says, "Monitor" And as much as some of them hate it, I notify the supervisor too and document who I talked to and what was said (not necessarily in the patient's chart but in our 24hour report book) I'm very new, very confused and feel like I'm at a total loss 99% of the time. But I do my best and always make sure someone else above me knows about a situation or problem.

    It's all about CYA until things start to come together a little more.

    Best of luck!

    It might irritate them if it's something "small" but I'd rather be safe than sorry.