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PAY scale for beginner RN in LTC

  1. 0 hi, I am offered a job as an RN full-time in a nursing/retirement home. it is in south central PA, Lebanon county. Does anyone know how much a beginner would make? It can be hourly or annually. The only information I got was from which gave me $46,000+ - $59,000 LTC annual income as an RN so I am not sure. The manager asked me what my desired salary was nd I told her the beginner's salary since I have no experience and I'm kind of desperate at the momen they are the only one who actually called me in for an interview!

    Anyway, I wanna know my options so I won't seem like I am expecting too much and wind up not getting the job, but at the same time I don't want to be given a smaller than average salary because having this job is really important to me. I have yet to discuss the details of the job offer on my appointment with them so I wanna know the facts before I come in for the meeting.
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    Allentown $69,000 7,700 +10%
    Altoona $64,000 1,640 +48%
    Erie $55,000 3,470 +39%
    Harrisburg $64,000 6,840 +6%
    Johnstown $43,000 2,060 +102%
    Lancaster $61,000 3,710 -21%
    Lebanon $65,000 990 +23%
    Philadelphia $72,000 44,720 +14%
    Pittsburgh $61,000 28,920 +23%
    Reading $62,000 3,170 -4%
    Scranton $58,000 5,940 +13%
    State College $57,000 1,080 -6%
    Williamsport $57,000 920 -1%
    York $71,000 3,520 +1%

    I hope this helps
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    do you know if this is the beginner's salary for Long term care? and thank you for posting this! I am offered the job in LEbanon county
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    At my facility in South Carolina new grads:
    First shift $21
    Second $23
    Third $25
    All a dollar extra per hr on weekends
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    Thanks for the reply! I forgot to updAte it but I found out today how much it is. I start @ $28 2nd shift after the probationary period $29. So much more than what I expected and I know I only have God to thank for that coz He is just awesome like that no paid maternity leave tho