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    Tomorrow I start orientation at a local nursing home. I live in North Carolina and I'm a new grad with no experience. We will be discussing pay rates and I have no clue what the going rate for an RN in the nursing home is. If anyone has any knowledge on this please help me! I don't want to go in and get low balled because I don't know any better. I have a friend who said that RNs get paid more in the nursing home setting than in the hospital. I find this hard to believe, but I'm just trying to get an idea. Thanks!

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    Hello and congrats. I am a newly-licensed RN. My per diem rate is 26+/hr in a SNF in Ohio. Hope this helps.....
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    If you do to and put in your zip code, it will give you the average salary for nurses in different settings good luck! And congrats on getting your license
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    ** go to
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    Thanks for the info!
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    What part of NC? I live in North Eastern NC. I would expect no less than $20 an hour to start. I have heard of nowhere that offers less than that round these parts... The only exception to that rule may be a MD's office. Some LTC Facilities in this area offer weekend option above $30 an hour no matter your experence. However someone on weekends must die for you to get that spot. I have only worked at one LTC Facility in this area and it is by far the worst. Offered me $19 an hour prn. I did that long enough for orientation to be over and for me to secure a hospital prn spot to supplement my weekend option pay. If its what you want to do.. Great. If not atleast its a job. If they try to lowball and won't come up on there offer, work long enough for the experence and to pay bills but keep looking. Continue to send out applications. Also, one thing I learned as a overbearing arrogant new nurse is don't burn any bridges. Finally, its also nice to keep your foot in the door some where else also. Just in case.

    Good Luck,
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    I started in LTC after I graduated in May 2011. I made $22.50 an hour plus a shift diff of $1.00 per hour for 7p - 7a. I switched facilities after 6 months and started there at $24.00 per hour. I have now been there for almost a year and am about to receive my first raise.

    Also, I live in NC as well.
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    I started as a new grad in Phoenix,AZ at a LTCS for $28/hour. Hospitals were only paying $25....
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    Thanks everyone! Definitely gave me a heads up.
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    $20+ LTC in S.C. apparently, I'm a cheap date
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