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Tomorrow I start orientation at a local nursing home. I live in North Carolina and I'm a new grad with no experience. We will be discussing pay rates and I have no clue what the going rate for an RN in the nursing home is. If... Read More

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    I live in NC. What parts do you guys live in?

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    I live in the Charlotte area.
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    Me too. Do you have any idea what the New Grad pay is at Novant?
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    Novant pays slightly more than Carolina Healthcare. CHS starts out at 19.65 per hour. I think 20.19 for Novant. This is the last rates I heard of for new grads. However I work in LTC so the pay is a little more than the hospital.
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    Thanks. How do you like LTC?
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    I work for a CCRC so I don't receive any outside admissions. Therefore, I have a pretty sweet set up. And our LTC unit maxes out at 24. Its also a private pay facility so charting is at a minimum.
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    That sounds awesome!

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