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Okay so I was offered prn work through a staffing agency that works with a local nursing home. They are aware I am a new grad with no experience other than my clinicals in school. They said they mostly do elder care,... Read More

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    Thanks for all the input. I know everyone is just trying to be honest and helpful, and I do appreciate it.

    I have decided to not go for it. I was hesitant myself from the beginning and they are not prepared to assure me that someone will be there to help me out if I have a question/need help.

    I recently had my 3rd child,,,,i have a 5 yr old, 2 yr old and a I was just looking for something on the wknds so I could leave them at hm with daddy. This was listed as a wknd job and I didnt know at first it was an agency.

    Anyway...I will hold off and see what else is out there...I wasnt prepared to interview or start working till the first of the yr so the baby would be 3 mths old but thought I would give this a try since it was avail. I have reconsidered and will wait till Jan for an intern position that I have already applied for. Hopefully I will get it.

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    What about calling the LTC directly to see if they will hire you? Most LTCs would love to have a weekend only type of nurse. Ask about orientation.
    I've been doing weekends ever since my 1st was born 9 yrs ago. Works out well for I have 4 kids.
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    They are all right- getting your license is just the beginning of your education- you have so much to learn- find the best place near you - hosp or whatever- work hard keep your ears and eyes open, the money will come - but first work on learning to be the best nurse you can, You can thank us later. Temp nursing might not be the best place to grow as a nurse.
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    I think you've made a very wise decision and have saved yourself untold stress and risk of your license.

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