New Charge Nurse at LTC Facility

  1. I am a new nurse and just got hired on as a Charge nurse at a LTC facility. I only had about 4 days of training but I got enough out of it to get the just of what my responsibilities are. My question is do you guys have any good advice on being a good supervisor and leader for my team? On a given shift I usually have 3 LPNs and 6 CNAs. I'm working pool here so I don't have a set schedule and so my LPNs and CNAs are different often. Thanks.
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  3. by   CapeCodMermaid
    You said it's a TEAM and every member of the team is as important as the next.
    If you have a few minutes help your CNAs, pay attention to what they're'll be great with them on your side.
  4. by   dallet6
    I agree. You're a team, forge a relationship with them by being on the floor talking to all your staff directly, not just sitting in an office only responding when they are desperate enough to come ask for help. Charge nurses have alot of responsibilities where I work. But you should never be so busy that the rest of your staff feels you are unapproachable. We just hired a new weekend charge at my work, we are all holding our breath to see what type of a leader she is.