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Hi everyone, I am a new grad and have an interview tomorrow for an RN position at a LTC facility. From reading some of these posts I am a little nervous, but trying to prepare myself as best as... Read More

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    Tyvin, thanks for the info! My interview was this morning and I think it went well. I should hear back next week about a second interview. You're right, it was best to just forget about the drugs for now. The time will come!

    BTW, "cyber hugs" = soooo cute!!!
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    Aerosol Xanax.. oh wait that was in my dream. Nevermind lol
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    The most common meds I see are: Ativan, Vicodin, Xanax, Namenda, Aricept, hydralazine, Dulcolax, Senna Kot, Lasix, Coreg, Cardura, beta blockers, some Haldol, and some risperidone, Cardizem is a frequent one too. Another common one is Baclofen, Atarax, Claritin, and Benadryl are common ones too. Almost every resident is on some type of BP med and I swear nearly every resident is on Namenda...

    Oh, another couple common ones are Celexa and Zoloft...
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    allllll of the above mentioned...don't forget patches on in the am off in the pm, exelon / nitro / fentyl (sp?) ; neb inh tx and robitussin are big in the winter ; suppositories for those that MoM didn't cure the 3 day no BM blues; teaching IS use over and over and possibly over again; clonidine for those spiky blood pressures; crushing, applesauce, icecream, g-tubes, what not to crush are the head-spinners your first few med passes; remembering all the supplies for your accu-check and s/s dosing and having ur mar handy for the s/s dose; getting to your diabetic patients before the dinner cart gets to them or catching your patient before they're off to OOB for their meal; the list goes on and on and probably on more...btw our facility provides 4-6 weeks orientation. good luck
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    I had a month of orientation at my first job. Once I wasn't "new" I got 2 days.

    Off the top of my head, ones I give every day, thyroid meds, lasix, colace, senna, apap, xanax, anti-depressants, HTN meds, coumadin, gabapentin, sinemet, pain meds, insulin, eye drops, nebulizer treatments, and more
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    It also depends on the type of floor, dementia, LTC or re-hab and the doctor. Some docs are crazy for colace then on another floor you might see only senna.
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    From memory: Senna, colace, APAP 325, asa 81mg, Fe, cal carb, cranberry, simvastatin, Xanax, ativan, gabapentin, risperdone, remeron, namenda, seroquil, dietary suppliments, coumadin
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    Quote from michiganmark_rn
    synthroid, calcium, prilosec, metoprolol, amlodipine, 81mg asa, colace, norco, fentanyl patches, acetaminophen, lisinopril, simvastatin, sinemet, metformin, amaryl, senna, miralax, namenda, aricept, MOM, dulcolax suppositories, albuterol, ipratropium, spiriva, advair, lasix, klor con, detrol la, flomax, oxybutynin, iron, multivit, levaquin, bactrim ds, keflex, acidophilus, keppra, bumex.
    I think I give just about every drug you mentioned on my shift !!!
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    Nervous 1 is spot on .
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    Coumadin is another one worth mentioning. Make sure you pay CLOSE attention to the MAR! The dosing can change daily and orders change as often as weekly depending on the patient's INR results.

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