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Long-term care nursing is a specialty that involves helping patients who need extended care as they deal with chronic illnesses and disabilities. Long-term care nurses coordinate the care of... Read More

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    Quote from mcuatlacuatl
    Critical care experience is a good thing... something drilled into all nurses from the get go. I worked 3yrs as an LPN in LTC prior to returning to school for my RN. As an LPN i was responsible for 43pts so when I did clinicals in PCU I was doing circles around my fellow students. I had no problem taking 5pts with a nurse. While my LTC pts werent as acute as those I took care of during clinicals, if I could manage 43 pts medical social emotional and family needs 5 acute pts was like a cake walk.
    Dont underestimate the skills you develop in LTC, while you may not be the best at starting an IV you will have excellent assessment and time management skills.
    LTC is indeed a specialty all its own.
    i agree I am in LTC and I sometimes get scared that if I ever went back to acute care I would be bad at starting ivs and stuff. However here I have learned to do trach care, adminster breathing treatments and manage my time better then I did with my short stint in acute care last year. I am new nurse (less than 2 years), so I know I have lots to learn still. Thanks for the great message.
    Wish you all the best!

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