In what capacity can nurse's aides help nurses?

  1. I'm a nurse's aide at a retirement home and am trying to get into nursing school. I would love to have more hands-on experience so that it could prepare me for nursing school. In what capacity can I help the nurse other than the basic hygeine care? I want to take BP and blood glucose readings. Is this legal?
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  3. by   brithoover
    You have to look up your scope of practice in your state/province
  4. by   Keep_Calm
    Yes, it would depend on the state but also the facility policy. Our aides in the facility I work in aren't even allowed to put cream (other than lotion) on a resident! You definitely would have to talk to the DON or unit manager first.

    BUT......Here's what I recommend. Since you aren't in nursing school yet, focus on being the best you can be in your current practice as an aide. If you neglect your responsibilities as an aide because you are looking for opportunities to do nursing skills, you will be missing valuable experience in direct patient care and will be doing your residents and co-workers a disservice. I really don't mean to discourage you, but you will have plenty of practice in school. It pays off to have people skills, compassion, and a strong work ethic just as much as clinical skills.
  5. by   indiechic
    It sounds like you want to dive into "nurse delegation"... Your scope of practice differs from state to state, but I would ask your nursing director if they offer nurse delegation or extended training. If they don't, you have to switch jobs or wait until you've graduated nursing school. Taking blood pressures should be part of your job right now though...

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