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I'm currently working as a CNA at an un-named location. Previously i've been in an RN program at the local college but wasn't ready for it and so am doing this for general experience until i resume nursing school. I love what i... Read More

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    I know how you feel, too. Several years ago when I was getting a different B.S. degree, I worked summers and holidays as an aide/monitor tech/ward clerk. I got that mightier-than-thou attitude from some of the other folks I worked with. I'll never forget one particular time when one of the clowns from the Shriner's made the comment to me when I was dragging some bags of dirty linens across the floor...."you wouldn't have to do that if you'd get an education, ya know." Of course, I let him know that I was only months from getting a Bach degree, but I don't think he even knew what that meant! He did shut up, though.
    Now I'm working on my BSN, but I'm working at an insurance agency until I finish. People come in here with that same so-mighty attitude, thinking I am stupid just because I sit at the front desk. I just use that to help motivate me to get through nursing school, so I suggest you do the same. In the meantime, I would just make sure they know that you will not be pushed around. They are only doing that because you're letting them. I don't mean that in a mean way, so don't take it that way, but you have to learn to stand your ground now, because I suspect it's only going to get harder as you work yourself up the ladder of success. Someday you'll have to stand up to doctors and we all know that they think they sit right next to God at the dinner table, so start practicing now with the small potatoes!

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    You preform oral care without being "reminded"? You keep your residents warm, dry, clean, comfortable, safe, etc. without being "reminded"? We all need you! Keep up the good work! Your work ethic sounds outstanding, please don't let others take that away from you. Good Luck.
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    Most everyone has already said what I would say. Just remember who YOU are and know that YOU do have the potential. DON"T let them step all over you and you will be a fantastic nurse. I am an LPN, I started out as an CNA and I remember all that bull****. It went on 7 yrs ago and is still going on. I hope that if I am ever in a management position one day that I will continue to remember all the crap that has been happening for yrs and hope I will be a different manager and a different RN because if what I have experienced. Noone is better than anyone else. We all have different levels of experience and can all learn something new no matter how much we already know.

    Take care good luck and come back for all the support you need. There are plenty of us who have been there and would love to help you throught it.

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    Thanks, I guess when my nursing classes didn't go so good and I had trouble in clinical I felt that I would never be able to do anything. There is this one aide who worked at another home for 11 years and now has been at his home for two. I need to pull a lady up in bed who is also on a feeding and she had a bad respiratory infection and frequently coughed up mucous so I felt it was better to leave the head of the bed up. I can't find anybody so this mightier than thou aide comes in helps me but all the while gives me a HOB speech and goes when you go to change her later put the head of the bed down, I told you about that before... Another time she gave me a speech because a man I was taking care of wanted to sleep in his clothes. He had a catheter and went to the bathroom, wiped and all that so I felt he was competent and had a right to wear whatever but I guess I was wrong about that too. I never know how long it will take to get help and I don't leave someone flat prone to SOB or aspiration. Of course I know to disconnect the feeding before I do lower them flat and put it on hold. I got this same speech from another girl a just turned 20 year old, in 6 months I'll be 23! I tell her I thought she was coming to help, not act smart with me and she got all huffy and left and the other aide stayed and helped. I ask if I should start taking people down to the dining room and I get this look like I'm from outer space and that were not having second supper. Ok no one told me that. I notice they like to talk about alot of aides behind their back esp the ones that are pursuing nursing school. I don't mind an aide giving me advice on how to do things better if they see what I'm doing and say here's a better way and not ridicule me in the process. But my partner said don't let them get to you. How do I go about telling these snots off without looking foolish? Yeah they even insinuated that I got fired from my previous place of employment. I don't want to be a jerk myself, once I become an LPN I want to leave on good terms. I want to get along as a team. But I hate being taken advantage of so these aides can all go out and smoke and I end up watching both halls and then picked on. There's only a few that I feel I can trust to be mature.

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