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I'm currently working as a CNA at an un-named location. Previously i've been in an RN program at the local college but wasn't ready for it and so am doing this for general experience until i resume... Read More

  1. by   Purple Princess
    Thanks, I guess when my nursing classes didn't go so good and I had trouble in clinical I felt that I would never be able to do anything. There is this one aide who worked at another home for 11 years and now has been at his home for two. I need to pull a lady up in bed who is also on a feeding and she had a bad respiratory infection and frequently coughed up mucous so I felt it was better to leave the head of the bed up. I can't find anybody so this mightier than thou aide comes in helps me but all the while gives me a HOB speech and goes when you go to change her later put the head of the bed down, I told you about that before... Another time she gave me a speech because a man I was taking care of wanted to sleep in his clothes. He had a catheter and went to the bathroom, wiped and all that so I felt he was competent and had a right to wear whatever but I guess I was wrong about that too. I never know how long it will take to get help and I don't leave someone flat prone to SOB or aspiration. Of course I know to disconnect the feeding before I do lower them flat and put it on hold. I got this same speech from another girl a just turned 20 year old, in 6 months I'll be 23! I tell her I thought she was coming to help, not act smart with me and she got all huffy and left and the other aide stayed and helped. I ask if I should start taking people down to the dining room and I get this look like I'm from outer space and that were not having second supper. Ok no one told me that. I notice they like to talk about alot of aides behind their back esp the ones that are pursuing nursing school. I don't mind an aide giving me advice on how to do things better if they see what I'm doing and say here's a better way and not ridicule me in the process. But my partner said don't let them get to you. How do I go about telling these snots off without looking foolish? Yeah they even insinuated that I got fired from my previous place of employment. I don't want to be a jerk myself, once I become an LPN I want to leave on good terms. I want to get along as a team. But I hate being taken advantage of so these aides can all go out and smoke and I end up watching both halls and then picked on. There's only a few that I feel I can trust to be mature.