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I am a new nurse working 3-11 on a unit where I generally have 30-60 residents depending on the night. Multiple tube feeders, diabetics, know the whole shabang. I have got my routine... Read More

  1. by   Lian
    Oh my. I am really hearing you on this issue. I am really over the attitudes of nursing aides. Top that off with the fact that they always run to management and complain that the supervisors are actually doing their job by checking on their work (and get believed) and work is becoming a nightmare. I know their work is hard. I started as an aide. But seriously, some aides and their attitudes towards supervising nurses are getting out of control. We are getting accused of bullying for just asking them to do things or asking if they have done a task yet. Don't need this! Just want to do my job and have others respect our residents enough to do the right thing by doing they are paid to do. End of shift rant over!
  2. by   CloudySue
    My favorite is when CNAs duck into a bathroom to complain about something on FACEBOOK! On an open account! With a timestamp!
  3. by   NurseGuyBri
    I was a DON that always reminds the LPN's and RN's to write up the staff when needed. I have changed that habit. It creates a negative atmosphere and is severely punitive. We are in the long process of change. People expect me as their new DON to change overnight, but it does take time.

    Anyway, you have to sit down with your CNA's and tell them that they are valuable. Don't be all lip service, either- act like it, because it's TRUE. Your CNA's are your assistants, you must have a good relationship with them. Foster it. Explain to them that you are a team and you will continue to work on your shortcomings as well. Many CNA's feel worthless because they are at the bottom of the food chain. Well, they're not worthless, they are invaluable to us!!!

    Once you work on your relationship, there will still be some that just don't follow the necessary rules/ policies. LET THEM KNOW YOU WILL FOLLOW UP. You're not out to "get" them or pick on them. Tell them you are checking on them. It's a culture change that is acceptable and progressive, and it will get better, I see it EVERY day. If they continue to have problems, at least attempt to help them improve or find out what the issue is. If they just won't or can't, THEN you start with verbal counseling first. Document that you talked to them and what about- use an In-service sheet, not a write up. That documents your discussion, because that's what it is now, not a write up, a discussion. Then, if they continue to have issues, you can proceed.

    Do you know how I began to see this? From CNA's. I was one. I forgot where I came from. It will only get better when you get better as a professional. I'm still in the process of learning this and becoming better, I hope your DON can too.
  4. by   gabulldogs
    Not new at the supervising but new LPN (50). CNA/House sitter too and did 15 peeps for 7.55hr). I expect the same ethics from those at work too. I work nights 7p-7a. I go into 3-11 cna then 11-7 cna. So I'm dealing with usually 4 different ones in my 12 hour shift. Love my job and trying to continue on for degrees.
    First I give respect where it's earned. So far been blessed 11-7. Good hearts, cause thats what it takes making as little as they do. Having problems with 3-11 CNAs. Using phone for personal use all the time and leaving the Alz. Unit by sitting in the TV Rm for usually 2 hours. Don't feel I would get too much help with ADM DON etc... Tried. New management right now, so the place is running poorly. We do run out of basics all the time (gloves,wipes,etc) The place is old and dirty. No healthy snacks to give in the pm (P&B, Bologni is what they usually leave and never enough). Just very frustrated, but the pay is good for LPN and the jobs are limited out here. HELP!!!!!!!!!

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