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It is so difficult to keep bored and dementia related pts content. Many have had busy full lives and here they are with nothing to do and confused about it all. I have given ladies towels to fold,... Read More

  1. by   katsanchezRN
    Quote from pnurse68
    We have a small MIU and one of our most successful items are individualized memory books. Upon admission families are encouraged to help their loved one feel at home by bringing items for a memory book. The book is then put together scrap book style by a team of the caregivers the family and the resident who helps as much as they are able.

    Its a great way for the staff to get to know the resident, and for the family to get to know the staff. They generate happy memories from the start of the residents stay and begin to form those vital staff/family relationships.

    The memory books are then used, successfully in most cases, when residents are feeling down, or anxious, or agitated.......

    Even the most demented benifit from staff knowing as much about them in the "before world".

    Looks great on a care plan too!
    Love, love, love this! Can I steal it?
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    I just heard a story on NPR about people with dementia. They talked about how having the person look at a picture and make up a story to go along with it can be very helpful. Here is a link if anyone is interested

    Alzheimer's Patients Turn To Stories Instead Of Memories : Shots - Health Blog : NPR