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  1. by   Vinniesguy
    I don't think we're restricted as to what food we mix crushed meds in but as far as I remember we're supposed to either do the mix in front of the patient or tell them that there is medication in what we're about to feed them - I might have just totally made that up though! The rules may be different in psych ger
  2. by   LizAnn
    You could also try getting input from the family members. I am my Dad's guardian. He has dementia. There are certain tricks he responds well with..ways I can get him to take his meds. Those ways may not work on everyone, but ensures his med complaince.
  3. by   onthemark
    I think vinniesguy is right in that we're not to present something as being food when it really has medicine in it. My facility is like psychnursewannabe's in that we're only able to mix meds into applesauce, pudding or ice cream, but even then, tell the patient there's medicine in it if they ask.
  4. by   LadyinScrubs
    I noted that a female AD pt was complaining that the food was awful and would not eat. Then I realized that the other nurses had been mixing her crushed meds in her food which made the food unacceptable to the patient. Another error I noted was a new nurse mixed the pt's crushed meds into the pudding--the entire cup instead of just a teaspoon. Of course, the pt ate one bite and would not eat the rest. Other nurses on the floor have learned that it is easier to get an AD pt to take one bite of choc pudding, ice cream (containing the meds) than eat the entire cup.

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