Discouraged...advice, please? :(

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    Hello. I am a new LPN in LTC. I am SO discouraged. I recieved 4 days of training. There were no hours open, so I actually didn't get to work on my own until several weeks after training. My night was AWFUL. My shift is 4hrs on a hall of about 20, including a tube feed, 4 diabetics and 4 skilled rsdts. I didn't finish my 4p med pass until after 5p. I didn't finish my 8p med pass until about 1030p. I wanted to cry right there at the med cart, and leave! But, I knew that I could not, so somehow, I pulled it together. A supervisor came in to do an IV, and asked how it was going. I told her..well, I am SO late. She said "oh, honey I could not do all that in 4 hours either. Its ok." This made me feel somewhat better. I left SO paranoid that I forgot someone, or something. I asked the nurse following me, "did you notice anything stupid I did? Or didnt do?" She said.no, that I did great.

    I understand that this is the norm for LTC, and that it takes time to get your routine, etc. But, this has gotten me downright depressed I am SO scares if I go back that I will end up losing my nursing liscense. It's too rushed! I asked how I was suppose to do my 3checks of the 5 rights and was told that I would not have time. What?! What about treatments? If I want to do everything correctly and CAREFULLY then I feel I need 8 hrs..not 4!! I am on call, so not scheduled. I had signed up to work a few days, but got someone to cover it because the thought of doing that again just gives me SUCH anxiety. I can't eat, sleep, or relax. I NEED to work. And I WANT to be a nurse. I hate to think I wasted all that time and money. I am scheduled a few more data this month, I KNOW I just need to grow up and go do my job. But, that thought makes me want to cry!!! Can anyone else relate? Or am I being overly anxious? Thanks!

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    You don't see it now but a day will come when you realize that you have passed all your meds within the alloted time, done all your treatments, charting etc.

    It takes a while. I remember feeling exactly like you did. I was lucky enough to get 6 wks orientation (40 hrs per week). I slowly learned all 33 residents and their quirks on taking meds a certain way, a certain time etc. Once you get to know the residents and their ways it makes med pass much easier. I so remember the knot in my stomach every shift, dreading it knowing I would probably be out of compliance with med pass, etc. I longed to appear/be as confident as the other nurses I watched on the floor, not nervous..just relaxed (ok as relaxed as an LTC nurse can be with 30+ patients). I don't know when it was but one day I realized..hey! Med pass done within complance time, got through the shift no problem..new nurses are coming to me for help/advice etc..it was amazing!

    Don't fret, soon enough you'll be a pro..I promise.
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    Thanks so much. The sad part to this...I have worked there for 3years as an aide and know those rsdts well even how they take their meds. So I don't know what my deal is, I feel like a failure to myself, my family and my profession. :'(
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    You're just scared and nervous..very natural. Take a deep breath and try to relax. You have a leg up on most new LTC nurses, you know these residents..makes things MUCH easier. You're brand new, you aren't expected to be a whiz. Take it one shift at a time. You'll see, one day you'll look up and realize..hey I actually FEEL like a nurse
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    The only way you will get over this is to face your demon. If you are late with somebody's colace, I don't think the work will stop turning on it's axis. We have all been there. Chin up, kid, you will get there.
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    Quote from DixieRedHead
    If you are late with somebody's colace, I don't think the work will stop turning on it's axis.
    But I heard that the earthquake in South America that bumped the planet and made us lose a couple seconds of time was caused by a late Colace!!

    OP, it gets better. And 4 hour shifts SUCK, no matter how long you've been a nurse.
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    Quote from dixieredhead
    [color=silver]the only way you will get over this is to face your demon. if you are late with somebody's colace, i don't think the world will stop turning on it's axis. [color=silver]we have all been there. chin up, kid, you will get there.

    try to keep it all in perspective.

    as my preceptor said to me on my last job (which i quit after 2 mo): "if that's the worst you've got, i'll take it!"
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    Do not fret it is all part of the transition period for new nurses. It may take time to learn how to get through things quicker and that is ok. Passing meds should be done in a timely but safe manner, and I would rather pass meds knowing they were all given correctly but took longer, then passing them and risking making a mistake. As you progress into your nursing career, you will learn the tricks of the trade of getting tasks accomplished quicker. As far as 4 hour shifts, yeah they are tough. When I work 4 hours in the hospital I feel like I have barely had any time with my patients so I understand you worries and frustration. Take a look at this website, (page 3 is the image)http://www.nursingthefuture.ca/assets/File/Stages.pdf. When I was in the new nurse orientation program they shared this with me and it helped me to understand where I should be in the transition into practice. No worries it will all work out for you
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    every day you will get faster and more confident. it takes AT LEAST 4 months to get your routine down pat. you'll learn where everything is, that's half the battle. You'll learn how each pt takes their meds, where they are, how to approach them etc. You pretty much have the whole shift to get your work done, being fast is not the main concern. Be accurate. The five rights etc are built into your med cards and the MAR. Just look everything over. In LTC nothing changes all that much, so you will get used to it! RELAX no one is going to lose their license over being new!
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    Thanks! It's comforting to know I am not weird for feeling this way.

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