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I had to call dr tonight. And I was calling him about a few residents who weren't even his and i was needing scripts called to pharm. He was so sweet and very understanding and he could tell I was having a bad night and was being... Read More

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    i don't know, i havent seen him. he does his rounds in the morning and i work evenings so i dont know to much about him, but since i'm married, i'm not really interested, but it was flattering, i ve been married for 15 yrs and its nice to be flirted with,

    Everybody likes to be appreciated....

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    I once did finally lose it. The medical director, SNF, a real *****. Obnoxious, foul, and 'incompetent'. If you called this ***** a second after 5PM, he would cuss you out, insult you, and spend 5 minutes on a psychotic rant about 'calling me at all hours of the day and night', ad naseum. Couldn't stand him, and I made that clear. He made me want to vomit, not to mention he fancied himself quite the stud. Ick. Got a patient on Friday, came in the door at 5:05PM. Called this ***** for admit orders. In the middle of his rant, I told him "Either you are, or are not the doctor for this patient. Either you will, or will not give me admit orders- and if not? You need to RESIGN. I'm sick of you, every OTHER nurse is sick of you, and most of your patients DESPISE your arrogance. Now that I told you that- you can either give me orders, or not- and come what may, I do not need to work here. When I hang up, I'm going to the DON, to tell her what I just said to you- trust me, I'm not intimidated by you whatsoever. No more of this, period". He gave me the orders and slammed the phone down. I told the DON what happened. Nothing came of it- and his attitude changed BIG time.
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    RIGHT answer!
    I thought so

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