CNA vsResident Assistant

  1. I was looking over some jobs for a company that own retirment homes and They had a CNA position and a Resident Assistant. What would be the differance in the two jobs.
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  3. by   LTCNS
    I work in an assisted living/Alzheimer's home who employs resident assistants. The resident assistants do not have to be certified but they do everything a CNA does ie; assistance with ADLs, weights, meal preparation and service, ADL documentation and vital signs. In addition, they do the residents laundry on the unit, clean up the kitchen area after meals, and do activities with residents who want to stay on the unit in place of attending group activities.
  4. by   mvm2
    Thank You very much. I thought that the jobs sounded as if they were simular but wanted to make sure. That makes a lot of sence then because the CNA was more for their LTC facility, and the Assistant job was for more of a retirment home.