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Our facility is doing a program where each staff picks a resident to buy a Christmas gift for. I LOVE this idea :heartbeat, but am at a loss as to what to give my resident :confused:. She is 90+,... Read More

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    We encourage bedspreads and fleece blankets in my ltc facility. Both can be individualized to make the resident's room more "homey" and individualized.

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    I thought of a few more ideas...Scented candles are always nice(not sure if they can be lit) but even if they can't they kind of personalize the room(I have a bunch of scented candles around the house and some have never been lit they just make the house more welcoming). Bath and body works or the body shop you can ALWAYS find something there. Picture frames are good(if the resident has pictures just hanging around). Also cute little framed signs with scenes or sayings(think a palm tree or a beach scene like I have in my room hung up "Life is uncertain, eat dessert first" because I LOVE to bake.
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    body wash, Soft comfy socks or slippers (with non skid grip of course), lotion, scarf of shawl, or If the resident doesn't have much clothes a nice comfy outfit or pjs
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    I know this is late late... but a SNUGGIE is the perfect gift for residents. Especially those in wheelchairs. It is a blanket with sleeves and you know they are always cold, but now they can be warm, it can be removed easily,and they can use their arms. These things are great. I don't know about many times I have been pushing a resident and lost the lap blanket to the wheels and its fallen off or gotten stuck. Putting extra sweaters on is cumbersome and hard to do with some of the folks.
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