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Hello All, I am a new grad, I want to know what is the general rule for DNR residents who isexperiencing chest discomfort? The nursing policy at my place does notinclude any info on this. Do you call the health proxy if they... Read More

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    I'd get an order for nitro and treat it like I would anyone else with chest pain. I wouldn't sit there and let them have cp or a MI that nitro or morphine could have prevented. A DNR is only relevant to me if the patient requires a code. Otherwise I treat them just the same.

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    It's amazing to me that these questions still pop up here. No wonder families are unsure of what DNR means when nurses themselves haven't a clue.
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    I would say that it's a fair question since there are so many 'code statuses' out there. I've seen drugs only, compressions only, do not intubate, do not hospitalize, no antibiotics, no tube feeds, tube feeds only on a trial basis, do nothing, etc., etc. The point is, a person's wishes need to be spelled out.

    To the OP's questions, I can't see any reason why the reason for the CP cannot be investigated and treated.

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