cebuana nurse!

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    Looks like you've decided to stick out your LTC job. It sounds like you're doing well.

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    LOL! I'm trying to be positive, thanks for the optimistic nurses here in allnurses as well as my family who have been really supportive. Work always has it good and bad days. I just gotta take everyday as a learning experience, be professional and treat everybody with utmost respect and compassion. Don't mind being called a 'kiss-ass newbie', I'm doing my best to give the best care possible, after all they are the reason why I call myself a nurse everyday.

    I'm still keeping an eye on an opening at L&D at the hospital I am in, but as of the moment, I'm taking each day at LTC as a learning experience. Not sure if this is my niche but who knows? It's too early to tell..=D
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    I'm glad. You were so frustrated not too long ago.

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    greetings cebuana_nurse! i'm a cebuano nurse myself and i have a question for you but prefer not to post it here. pls email me when you get the chance: thanks!
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    UPDATE: Its been almost a year since I got a job at the OB dept and I love it! I think this is where I definitely belong. I'm also picking overtime and my co-workers are amazing and definitely took me under their wings. They're very helpful and nurturing. There are days that we are closed and I get to be crosstrained in areas like Med Surg, ICU and ER. Hopefully, I'll have more happy years in this job.
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