Can a single nurse do adequate peri-care on a patient unable to stand?

  1. Many times a pt is put on the commode with the assistance of two nurses/CNAs or using a hoyer lift with a toileting sling (with two nurses present during the transfer). Then the second nurse goes about his or her duties leaving the first nurse to do peri-care/hygiene when the pt is finished.

    The patient often cannot stand up with the assistance of a single nurse especially if the nurse has to clean them up at the same time. If using a hoyer lift, it is against the rules to hoist a patient with only one nurse present. So the patient's peri-care cannot be done by a single nurse with the patient hoisted.

    So my question is: can the patient lean to one side while on the commode to receive adequate peri-care or is this impossible? Is the only solution to get the second nurse back in the room to help before doing peri-care?
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  3. by   ltcnurse4u
    If the patient is unable to stand, then clean them best as you can while in the sling. Then, once in the bed you can do better cares.
  4. by   BuckyBadgerRN
    Have you asked the nurses that you work with how they feel? Do you return to the bathroom to help your nurse with peri care?
  5. by   marigold321
    I swear by the "peri bottle" for all patients in LTC. Bathing at our facility is weekly.. I can't imagine having a bottom in a pad with only a weekly bath. The Peri Bottle can squirt from any angle, fill it with warm water with a drop of mild soap and squirt upward, downward, sideways, in crevices, wherever you need, then pat or gently "floss" dry. Ag cloth is handy to weave in between tight spaces that can't quite be dried to prevent candida also. Depends on the patient's needs. I recommend the peri bottle approach for all patients in LTC whether they need odd angle/crevice/fold care or if they are up ad lib and just can't get to the bath daily.

    Best luck!

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