Burnt out in LTC after 5 years

  1. I was an LPN for years, went to RN school to leave LTC and get into a more critical area. I worked ICU for a few years and decided to return to LTC as an RN 3 years ago.
    I am SO over the way we are treated by management in LTC, and even by our fellow nurses. The work is MUCH easier in LTC, but the families we have to deal with on a daily basis is just tortuous. I mean, in my facitlity management doesnt put a foot down at all when it comes to protecting us nurses. I have been cussed out by family members for no reason at all, and had my name trashed around the city saying things that you would NOT believe. I loved my job as an LTC RN, but lately these family members and management are too much to deal with!!!!!!! I decided to move to LTC because the money for RNs is much better than the hospital setting, the work was easier, and there is great job stability as far as never having a low census. I WANT OUT of this! I dont even feel the same way about the patients i care for on a daily basis, my compassion has fizzled. and that is a scary thought. i feel if you cant give ur job 100 percent caring for sik people, then its time to leave and go into another area. any thought on this matter? HELP!
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  3. by   JZ_RN
    The money for LTC RNs is the same as the hospital where I live, but the work is not easier. The patients can have trachs, feeding tubes, oxygen dependent, almost needing acute care. The MD did nothing most of the time except prescribe more and more pills for a 50 person med pass. I left LTC cause I was miserable there. I feel your pain. Management didn't get it. They treat you like you're a slave and should just be grateful for a job, and families and some patients think they're at the ritz-carlton hospital and you're their private servant.
  4. by   Kashia
    hello....I can empathize with your heartache. I believe in general , there are exceptions, the world of nursing the management the everything has greatly changed - I will say in last 10 years.
    Why? maybe a general degrading of our society, profits, to many laws and wherever you are- be it as a nurse or as a human being- people are more frustrated angry condemning
    judgmental and always seeking something from you that will benefit them - financially or to feed their pride or?

    I think if I was younger and an RN I would broaden my horizons and look to other countries.
    One of my sons travels and he says of other countries...it is better kinder more forgiving less expensive better health care happier people.
    As to your last comments, that is commonly called burnout but it could also be a calling to really go someplace else. I share your dismay frustration and sadness really that things don't need to be the way they are, but they are, and wonder what to do.
    Best to you~